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Another Alpha x Alpha romance book is here on Dreame! The Alpha’s Feisty Mate tells us a story about two Alphas who don’t want a mate. Yes, you read it correctly – the Alpha she-wolf also doesn’t think of mates and protection as much as other she-wolves!

Isabella, The Alpha’s Feisty Mate, isn’t just an Alpha daughter. She has extreme difficulty controlling her mouth, and she doesn’t believe in a male werewolf protecting the Luna. Meanwhile, the rogue Alpha Drake, her Goddess-given mate, has everything she hates in a male werewolf: Dominant, possessive, and believes that all women need protection regardless of their rank.

What happens when a rogue Alpha who doesn’t want a mate encounters The Alpha’s Feisty Mate who also has the same thought? Will Isabella reject him, or, will she soften her feisty sides eventually?

Part 1: The Story Of The Alpha’s Feisty Mate Novel On Dreame

The Alpha's Feisty Mate Novel Dreame

Even though The Alpha’s Feisty Mate contains lots of sexual, violent, and provocative scenes, the feistiness in the novel doesn’t stop there. Instead, it’s all about the status and characteristics that Isabella, the female MC, possesses, and also the fact that her Alpha rogue mate also shares the same thought as her about mating.

Being foul-mouthed, determined, and stubborn are typical characteristics of Isabella (or “Bella”, as others refer to her), an Alpha daughter. Everybody who knows her father and mother would say that Isabella is like her late mother in terms of her characteristics. For your information, Isabella’s mother died in a rogue attack when she was only two.

So, rogue attacks bring traumatic memories for Isabella, The Alpha’s Feisty Mate. Ironically, even though she doesn’t want any mates, her mate turns out to be a rogue Alpha.

Even though she has promised herself that she would immediately reject when she found out her mate is a patriarchal male werewolf, it is Alpha Drake’s nature – dominant, possessive, and insists to protect the she-wolves.

The first encounters between two Alpha werewolves in The Alpha’s Feisty Mate aren’t that easy. Plus, Isabella herself is not going to submit to the Alpha, mainly because she is also an Alpha.

Will Isabella continue in becoming The Alpha’s Feisty Mate and struggle to control her mouth and behavior? Or, will she soften to Alpha Drake, her mate, while not losing her nature as an Alpha she-wolf?

Part 2: Meet The Characters Of The Alpha’s Feisty Mate Novel

Isabella (a.k.a. Bella)

The Alpha's Feisty Mate Isabella

Being an Alpha daughter makes Isabella from The Alpha’s Feisty Mate a future Alpha… She-wolf. Isabella is proof that living as an Alpha she-wolf is difficult: She has to think about the thing she dislikes, which is mating, while not losing her determination and independence as an Alpha she-wolf.

Even though Isabella has a loyal friend, Clair, in the end, she has to deal with her bad-mouth issues and being The Alpha’s Feisty Mate. Everybody else expects her to soften her brash sides a little bit, but will she go through it?

Alpha Drake

The Alpha's Feisty Mate Drake

Alpha Drake from The Alpha’s Feisty Mate novel is a rather unique Alpha male werewolf, as he is a rogue. Another unique side of his initial appearance in the novel is that he attacks Alpha Blain (Isabella’s father)’s territory with four other rogue werewolves.

Being a dominant, possessive, and patriarchal rogue Alpha who doesn’t want any mates, Alpha Drake may look like just other Alpha male werewolf characters. Yet, his persistence in taming Alpha Isabella is a thing that makes him an outstanding character.

The Supporting Characters

The Alpha's Feisty Mate Supporting Characters

Alpha Blain is the Alpha father of Isabella in The Alpha’s Feisty Mate. Like any other Alphas who lead their packs, Alpha Blain also has a Beta (name: Beta Greg), and other pack members who obey his rules. Alpha Blain himself wants Isabella to change her bad-mouthed personality just for the sake of getting a mate, yet, he doesn’t seem to succeed.

Meanwhile, Declan is Isabella’s big, bad, and tall brother, and Clair is Isabella’s only best friend in The Alpha’s Feisty Mate. These two supporting characters frequently appear at the early chapters of the novel, which make the plot twists even more stunning to read.

Part 3: Meet The Author Of The Alpha’s Feisty Mate, S. Lexi

The Alpha's Feisty Mate by S. Lexi
  1. Lexi is the abbreviation of “Sexy Lexi”, a pen name that the author of The Alpha’s Feisty Mate novel uses. We get to see the full pen name when we browse for her social media presence on Facebook.

I would say that S. Lexi a.k.a. Sexy Lexi, the author of The Alpha’s Feisty Mate and other similar novels, is a specialist in writing novels about kickass heroines. Other Dreame novels by the same author include Alpha VS Alpha, Saving His Feral Mate, and so on… I mean, just look at the patterns of the female MCs in S. Lexi’s universe.

All of them are feisty in their own ways, and not afraid of men. These things make S. Lexi’s novels interesting to read, including the novel we discuss in this article. Even though The Alpha’s Feisty Mate status is already completed, it becomes one of the most-read novels by S. Lexi a.k.a. Sexy Lexi with more than 400K reads until today.

Anyway, S. Lexi herself is a kickass heroine, too. She worked in the law enforcement industry for 17 years before she becomes a full-time writer. Let’s not forget that her Facebook and Instagram pages are full of loyal readers who love discussing her characters and the plots in the novels she writes, including The Alpha’s Feisty Mate.

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