Werewolf Fantasy Novel Review: The Alpha Chose Me


Let’s begin with an introduction of the novel… the alpha chose me is not just a werewolf novel, it’s a mixture of werewolves and other paranormal entities possible only in fantasy stories. What’s intriguing about it, is the fact that it is mostly human based… while the main protagonist is a human, the others are werewolves. It is even more interesting that the story is from the view of this human who didn’t know anything about the existence of werewolves.

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Part 1: The Main Characters Of The Alpha Chose Me

The alpha chose me leah and jake, are the main protagonists of the story…

Leah, is the strong female lead. She was eighteen years old and was raised by her grandmother. She was stunningly beautiful, tall and smart.

Jake, on the other hand was exceptionally handsome, almost breathtaking, intimidating, tall and handsome. Guy radiates an aura of strength.

I can’t wait to write a bit on the plot, and here we are…

Part 2: Alluring Storyline Of The Alpha Chose Me

Now, Leah lost her mother after few months of her birth… she doesn’t know her father and therefore her grandmother came into custody of her. They lived in a nice bungalow by the beach in imaginary Florida. Her grandmother wasn’t so old as she’d had her mother at the age of sixteen, people who didn’t know thought she was her direct mother. Grandma made sure Leah had nothing to lack… she was taking very good care of her. But it was time to move. Leah wasn’t too excited to leave the only place she’d ever known yet, coupled with the fact that it’s the only place she felt her mother’s presence. Leaving was not so good for her.

the alpha chose me leah

Those, and the fact that she had a boyfriend. Her grandma didn’t like Tommy so much, but Leah loved him. He was her first and try as she may, she wasn’t able to convince her grandma to remain in Florida. They put the house up for sale, loaded up the car and headed towards their new home in Texas. Grandma had bought an old house in a hidden town in Texas. They drove the whole mile and arrived at a coffee shop just outside the small town. Leah got off to buy coffee, and that was the first time she had the erie feeling of being watched. The hair on her skin stood up, she felt the presence behind her, but when she turned around, there was no one.

She began to feel uneasy about the town. She met the store keeper and gradually they would become friends. Her name was Alanna, and Leah went back to the car after introductions. She was creeped out when she and her grandma arrived at their new house, which wasn’t so far from the coffee shop, tried to unload and Alanna was behind her. She didn’t even hear a sound of someone approaching. But Alanna was too friendly and transparent that Leah had to overlook. Alanna explained that she lived just opposite them with her brother. Her elder brother was Jake.

Leah was about to carry her load of boxes into the house when she saw three young men who were bare chested standing not too far from the rare of the car. Her grandma was inside, and it was just her and Alanna. When Alanna noticed her staring, she explained that that was her brother, Jake, and their friends. Leah was dumbfounded, cos the weather was freezing, but this young men were bare chested in the cold. Something else, Jake was super handsome, he was ethereal and stunning. As she stared, taking him in, she noticed the blanket on his grip. It was the only thing she had that belonged to her mother. Her grandma was out now and ordered him to hand it over, which he did. But as much as Leah was amazed, she thought he was a jerk.

the alpha chose me jake

Alanna took Leah to coffee the next day and as she explained that her brother had a strong hold on females, the devil in question strolled in, holding on to a pretty lady and took a seat few paces away from them. Leah couldn’t stop glaring at them, she felt a pang of jealousy as the lady sat on his lap. Now, who are these people? Where have Leah relocated to? Why was she creeped out? Was she falling in love with Jake? Let’s see what we find in the popular chapters below…

Part 3: Popular Chapters Of The Alpha Chose Me

The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 10:

Alanna had taken Leah to the club about two nights after arriving in the little texas town. There, Jake had also been present. He came to her, she couldn’t control her actions. She was drunk and they got into a small brawl where Jake called her a whore and she hit him.

In this chapter, she woke up in his house, on his bed and didn’t know how she ended up there. After coffe she left, Alanna would inquire if Jake had told Leah who she was, and reminded him that her scent is getting stronger.

The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 15:

Jake had wondered into Leah’s house this evening and her grandma wasn’t home. He pinned her to the refrigerator and began to kiss her, it was the best thing that happened to Leah in the history of kissing. But he had to go and asked her out on a date, which she accepted without thinking.

As he left, Leah contacted someone who’d offered to give her private lessons on chemistry. And after sending the text she saw Jake and some others standing in the cold outside bare chested. Jake would text her few minutes later to get surprise…

the alpha chose me at the club

Part 4: Personal Evaluation in The Alpha Chose Me

First off, the alpha chose me is still ongoing, and the next chapters are highly anticipated. The book stopped at chapter 67, for now… I understand your pain, I can’t wait to read the next chapter either. That said, the alpha chose me is an eye catcher of a novel. Personally, I have imagined how it must feel for a clueless human to find theirself among any of this paranormal beings, were they real… in this story is a step by step encounter of a similar experience. Should you be interested in such stories as this, then see Human Luna.


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