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A kiss is surely an intimate gesture, usually reserved for the one you love. When Ellinor makes a bold move and kisses a handsome stranger, her whole life is turned upside down.

It looks like her marriage was just a kiss away, as the stranger seized the opportunity to ask her to be his wife. The Kiss That Sparked It All is a beautiful novel revolving around two people who weren’t even meant to meet, let alone marry, but who fight all odds and build a beautiful, romantic relationship.

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Part 1: Ellinor’s Storyline In The Kiss That Sparked It All

Once again, Ellinor had to endure the pressure and the feeling of uneasiness of a dreaded blind date. Unfortunately, she couldn’t refuse these dates, as her stepmother was the one making the arrangements.

Since she never liked any of the men she had to date as they were all middle-aged and egocentric. Thus, Ellinor made sure her date lost interest in her so he would be the one backing out of a possible relationship.

This time, her blind date was endlessly ranting about her duties as his future housewife and mother of his children. Seizing her from top to bottom with lust in his eyes, the unattractive man boldly told the girl she would have to stand on her toes to kiss him. He could bend down a little, but she should be the one making the efforts in their love relationship.

With this last request, Ellinor practically lost it. She couldn’t take the man’s cockiness anymore. Being a witty girl, she instantly came up with a plan. She scanned the room and soon caught sight of the most gorgeous, tall man.

Ellinor stood up, called the guy and pecked his lips, showing her blind date how a real tall man looks like. The middle-aged man’s eyes quickly went from cocky to shock and horror. Disgusted with Ellinor’s attitude, he stood up and left, not before telling the girl that her family would hear about her rudeness and promiscuity.

Smirking, the girl thanked the beautiful man for his patience and turned around to leave as well but she was stopped in her track by a steady grip on her arm.

The Kiss That Sparked It All Ellinor

The handsome stranger was appalled by the girl’s boldness. She had the audacity to kiss him and leave without having his permission. Before he thought about the compensation he should receive for being touched without approval, his assistant Collin told him that Sophia, his fiancée, can’t make it to the engagement party.

In need of a woman to fulfill Sophia’s place, the man asked Ellinor to get married to him. Laughing, the girl took his words as a joke but she soon understood that the guy meant what he said. She managed to trick him and ran away, hoping he wouldn’t find her.

Collin looked at his master and offered to chase the girl, but the man refused. Smiling, he asked his assistant to find out the girl’s identity and prepare everything for their wedding in three days.

Collin’s boss was no ordinary stranger, he was the billionaire Theodore Blanchet, heir of the Blanchet family. He was keen on getting married fast, as his grandfather was gravely ill and demanded that he married before his upcoming surgery.

Upon getting home, Ellinor was reprimanded for dissing her blind date. Even her father scolded her for tossing away the perfect opportunity to get married.

You see, her stepmother could easily manipulate her husband. She always lied to him that Ellinor’s dates were eligible bachelors when they were actually middle-aged or old people, some of them bold, some even poor.

The woman profoundly disliked the girl, making everything in her powers to make her husband think ill about his own daughter, while praising her own daughter, Sheila.

When Collin visits the family to bring gifts for the Mendoza daughter, soon to be bride of Theodore Blanchet, Tracy believed that the assistant was talking about Sheila. After all, her daughter was an actress and the billionaire must have seen her on tv or during a social event and crushed on her.

The Mendoza family arranged everything for their wedding, even inviting paparazzi to witness Sheila marrying the famous billionaire heir.

Theodore couldn’t be fooled though, he knew exactly who he wanted to take as his spouse, thus he kidnapped Ellinor and made a deal with her. He wanted three months of marriage to Ellinor and afterwards he would set her free.

Ellinor agreed to help him this time. After all, it was the perfect opportunity to get away from her stepmother and stepsister.

Dressed as a bride and surrounded by paparazzi awaiting for the big event, Sheila was deeply embarrassed when Theo never showed up. Who could be the woman who took her place?

Will Ellinor be capable of leaving Theodore when their contract is finished?

Part 2: The Badass Bride And The Cold Billionaire In The Kiss That Sparked It All

The Kiss That Sparked It All Theodore

Ellinor and Theodore make an interesting novel couple. She isn’t part of the high ranked members of society, yet she isn’t demure or easily humiliated by others. She is a proud, grounded woman who isn’t afraid of making a fool of herself in order to achieve her goals.

She wears heavy make-up during her blind dates to make the men believe she is cheap, she hides her talents such as computer hacking and she doesn’t boldly display her beauty.

One of the things Ellinor despises deeply is being embarrassed by people who believe they can own her or boss her around. She makes no exceptions when it comes to demanding respect, even standing against Theo’s sister and grandmother.

She is soft when it comes to Theo though, understanding his need to ensure that his grandfather’s wish to see him married. She goes to extreme lengths to help him with his white lie, even pretending to sleep with Theo so his grandmother would think they are trying to get pregnant.

Theodore is a cold man but he loves his grandfather deeply. This is why he makes an effort to fulfill his wish when he gets sick.

Although he could convince any woman to wed, he chooses Ellinor to be his temporary wife because she is a strong, bold girl who doesn’t seem to be interested in his money. On the contrary, she tries to run away from him. And, the more she wants to run away, the more he wants her by his side.

It’s hard not to fall for Ellinor when she does everything in her power to make Theo seem like a good husband in front of his family and when she’s ready to confront any man or woman for his sake.

Part 3: An Alternative To The Kiss That Sparked It All Novel

The Kiss That Sparked It All Romance

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For the outside world, the two newlyweds had to act like a loving couple, kissing and hugging each other, but within the walls of their home, things were entirely different. Alexander hated Arriana and never ceased to torment her.

The girl had no idea why he loathed her so much. What secret from their past can make a man hate his wife so much that he would torture her for four years straight?

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