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Aurora expected the worst when she moved across the country from California. But her plans came crashing when she met the Maddox twins as she turns eighteen. She can’t understand the attraction that’s around the twins and tries to ignore them at every turn. But can she deal with her past and secrets while accepting the alpha twins as her mate? Aurora has to find her own destiny while she has to balance her relationship with the twins who are possessive and handsome.

Part 1: Characters of Mated to the Alpha Twins

mated to the alpha twins characters

The female protagonist of Mated to the alpha twins, Aurora is forced to move with her mother after the sad demise of her grandmother who was her primary caretaker. Melissa, Aurora’s mother doesn’t treat her like a child she picked from the street. Their relationship is almost nonexistent. Melissa’s husband Frank tries to make advances on Aurora but insists saying it’s a drunk mistake.

Aurora is a simple seventeen-year-old student who works part-time to help herself with necessities. She is smart and funny. She doesn’t have a good feeling about moving across the country. Just like her nightmares coming true she finds herself with not one but two alpha mates, The Maddox twins.

Aurora can’t understand the attraction that she has for the twins but she does everything in her power to ignore them.

mated to the alpha twins romance

Maddox Twins, the Twin alphas Kade and Alec. Kade was more muscular than Alec but they both were nearly identical. Full eyebrows, long eyelashes, and plump lips with a deep voice that matched their intoxicated look.

The twins knew the attraction they held when it came to girls and used it to their power. And just to match their handsome faces they had their attitudes high as they tried to pick on Aurora since her first day. But the attraction between them is so evident even as Aurora tries to ignore the comments of the alpha twins who are arrogant, cocky, and smart with daring attitudes making them the best intriguing male protagonists in the story.

mated to the alpha twins story

The alpha twins continue to torment, irritate and pick on Aurora but what will happen when they realize she is their mate? This equation between the characters just spices up things, making the romance more irresistible and needed as her tormentors become her possessive mates.

Part 2: The main storyline of Mated to the Alpha Twins

mated to the alpha twins by Jane Doe

The mated to the alpha twins is a werewolf young adult romantic fantasy that revolves around the seventeen-year-old Aurora and the Maddox twins Kade and Alec.

Aurora is forced to live with her mother Melissa and her husband Frank after the sad demise of her grandmother who took good care of her. But when she’s made to move along with her mother, across the country Aurora can’t help but feel the worse.

Melissa and Aurora don’t share a normal mother-daughter relationship as Melissa barely sees Aurora as her daughter and even asks Aurora to call her by her name instead of calling her as a mom. Frank, Melissa’s husband tries to make advances on Aurora when Melissa isn’t around and his excuses are his drunk state. The constant arguing between Melissa and Frank creates a broken home for Aurora. Yet Aurora is positive-minded and wants to leave her shattered home behind for good as she can’t wait to turn eighteen.

mated to the alpha twins - young adult fantasy

As she starts school, she’s met with the alpha twins Kade and Alec who begin to torment her, pick on her, and bully her making her start to dislike them for their arrogance.

Kade and Alex are nearly identical twins and are the most popular boys in the school and definitely use their attraction to girls to their advantage. They think of Aurora as strange and try to tease her.

But little do they know, Aurora is the one they are mated to. The girl they tried and picked is actually their mate. Will the twins change their approach and start to woo Aurora?

However, will Aurora accept the alpha twins as her mates? Aurora can feel the attraction she has for the alpha twins but she just wants to ignore them at every given chance.

mated to the alpha twins summary

Thrown into the world of the unknown, can Aurora survive when her past and dark secrets come knocking at her door?

The mated to the alpha twins is an excellent werewolf romance with characters in their teenage years. The anguish, the hatred, and the instant attraction between the characters make this book one of the hottest reads ever.

The story has over 9 stars out of 10 by the readers and is one of the best-selling books by author Jane Doe.

Mated to the alpha twins is a multiple-partner-mate story set in the werewolf theme which comes with sizzling Romance, suspense, and mystery making it one of the addictive reads.

Part 3: Hot chapter of Mated to the Alpha Twins

mated to the alpha twins hot chapter

Mated to the alpha twins chapter 7

Aurora feels like Kade and Alec have an unseen power over her. The twin brothers check in on Aurora, after tormenting her for days their sudden concern takes Aurora off guard as she tries to ignore them. But when Kade finds a bruise on Aurora’s body they come to her like the two possessive Alpha mates who will do anything to keep their little mate safe with the feeling of concern and possession. Will Aurora start to trust the twins and accept them as the tension between them only grows further making it impossible to ignore?

Part 4:Books similar to Mated to the Alpha Twins

mated to the alpha twins alternative book

Her Triplet Alphas on Dreame

Her Triplet Alphas by Joanna J is one of the best sellers on the Dreame app. This unique werewolf romance shows up the mating bond between not one or two, but three Mates.

Chasity is a poor girl and the unpopular she-wolf in the pack who is working hard to pay off her parent’s debt. She can’t wait to turn eighteen and finish the remaining seven months in high school which has been hell for her. But her life turns upside down when she finds out who her mate or mates are.

The Triplet Alphas, Felix, Calx Thorn, and Alex are the identical twins and the most popular werewolves in the pack house. They are rich and very handsome, typical bad boy personalities who cannot be more different from each other. For years they have picked on Chasity, teasing her, bullying her by mocking her, calling her awful nicknames after she was taken into the pack. But when they find out that Chasity is their mate, they are filled with remorse and lust towards their little mate. Can Chasity change her mind and stay in the pack? Will Chasity accept the Triplet Alphas as her mate? This perfect multiple-mates story will definitely rise the temperature.

 mated to the alpha twins alternative read

One of the top readers pick on the Dreame platform has over 280.2 thousand followers and 2.8 million reads. The readers have highly rated this fantasy pick giving it 4 stars out of five with thousand of comments rooting for their favorite characters.

Read Her Triplet Alphas Now


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