Top 15 Bully Romance Books That Make You Cry


If you’re looking for some good reads to make you laugh with tears, it’s not a coincidence you found us. It is fate! Get your tissues and a pot of tea ready because here are the top bully romance novels we prepared for you!

Part 1: Best Bully Romance Books

Bully romances book hits differently. It touches the core of our hearts, and we end up wanting to read more best bully romance books out there! Because why not?

Once again, get ready for the best bully romance book that will soon pile up your reading lists!

Best Bully Romance

1.1. Luna of the White Moon Pack

Score: 8/10

Tags: Werewolf, Teenage, Sexy, Love Triangle, Pack


Danica left the family that adopted her at 14. It wasn’t a happy family anyway. She’s just a status symbol for them, but they hardly cared for the mute, shy little girl.

Henry and Ashley found her on the street. They keep addressing her as a ‘pup’ and introduce Danica to what she is-what they are. They are rogues. A werewolf. Creatures of the moon. Henry and Ashley promised they would wait until she could shift and protect herself. Until then, they would stick around to protect her.

It happened when she was 15. Danica is an alpha purple she-wolf. But Henry and Ashley stayed with her at their campsite along with the other rogues.

Finally, at 17, Danica Springs met her mates. White Moon Pack attacked their campsite because it’s part of their territory. Henry and Ashley surrender because Danica’s mates are with the group. They were the triplet sons of the White Moon Pack alpha, but they were still underage, and Danica shifted too early that they couldn’t smell her yet.

With the other rogues, Danica was sent to the White Moon Pack and swore to serve the pack. And Danica Springs is afraid that when the time comes and the siblings find out who she is, they will only want her to produce an heir-nothing more.

Bully Romance Novels

1.2. Wolfblood

Score: 10/10

Tags: Alpha, Pack, Crime VS. Justice, Powerful, Wild


Talia found her mother dead with her heart ripped out from her chest inside the brothel that used to be their home for 20 years. She knew the man who did this to her mother but didn’t know him exactly. Only his scent was familiar, and Talia swore to avenge her mother’s death.

With the help of Hugo and her deal with Madam Coco, Talia is determined to get the wolfbane to kill her mother’s John. Talia learns he is an Alpha of the Pine Forest Pack.

With nothing in mind but revenge, Talia manages to kill the man but later finds out she is mated to her son-and he witnessed her crime. And the only thing left for her is to shift into her rogue werewolf form and escape into the night.

Stepbrother Bully Romance Books

1.3. The Autumn Eclipse

Score: 8/10

Tags: Alpha, Loving a Werewolf, Pack, Wizard, Fated


As Fall arrives at the Blood Eclipse Pack, Malia’s grandmother warns her and her fiance Ty to hide. An ancient prophecy suggests a war would soon unfold, and her grandmother believes it is connected to the engagement of Malia and Ty as a witch and a wereewolf.

Their best friends, Alana and Liam, are only about to explore their mate bond, but their summer happy endings come rather quickly. Secret unfolds. Turmoils surrounded Blood Eclipse Pack. Malia is torn between her Luna duties and the new self-discoveries she’s been learning as a witch.

As the witch coven seeks war against the werewolves, Malia will try to connect with the family she lost a long time ago, while Ty will do everything to protect his pack from the retold history of war.

Best Bully Romance Books Fantasy

1.4. Wolfbane

Score: 10/10

Tags: Alpha, Fated, Pack, Powerful, Werewolf, Beta


In the world of werewolves, mates play a vital role. It is considered unlawful to date someone who is not your mate. They are off-limits. Jasmine, Blake, and Luke knew this rule too well. But no one is strong enough to keep the desires from burning their bodies. Besides, for Jasmine, what could be immoral if he had two very hot men with her?

One is a best friend she shouldn’t want so bad. A mysterious future Alpha with a dark past was brought after the battle. And the other one is a first crush who once entered back in her life with so much heated passion.

If you are looking for a hot-smoking paranormal romance with plenty of sexy scenes, this one’s for you! It’ll be all worth reading.

MM Bully Romance

1.5. Grade-A Beefcakes Complete Boxed Set: Books 1 – 5

Score: 9/10

Tags: Newadult, Billionaire, Series, Romance, Sexy


Sir Loin of Beef Jed Cassidy and Landon Duke are sexy cowboys-all broad and beefy with solid muscles. They always shared everything, and now that might include Kaitlyn Leary, a librarian in a small town. She will soon become their sweet little librarian.

Kaitlyn is yet to decide if it was wrong of her to stare at the two sexy rodeo champions. They could wrangle her. Break her little body between their massive frames. It’ll be a hard ride with the two rodeo champs.

Author Vanessa Vale knew having one cowboy man would never be enough. In this book, she got us two. And in this series, she generously gives her readers five stories of sweet heroines blessed with their two beefy Grade-A Beefcakes.

Books 1-5 of this series are listed: Sir Loin Of Beef, T-Bone, Tri-Tip, Porterhouse, and Skirt Steak. If you’re up for a pleasurable romance read with a lot of steam, check out everything in this series!

Best Bully Romance Novels

Part 2: Bully Romance Books 2022

Bully Romance Books 2022

2.1. Hate To Want You (Kindle Edition)

Score: 9/10

Tags: NewAdult, Romance, Sexy, Second Chance, Erotic


No matter how crazy this is, readers also love romance stories where a woman leaves the man they love behind after sharing intimate moments. If that is what you’re craving for your next read, this book will be waiting for you.

Livvy Kane and Nicholas Chandler have enjoyed a one night of forbidden pleasures to themselves and think nothing of it but a deal that no one will know. Pleasurable hours to forget the haunting tragedy of the past. The desire that makes their names go blurred at the back of their heads with their burning kisses and touches.

But Livvy Kane will disappear in a night without a word to Nicholas.

When she returns, he has built an empire and an icy exterior around himself. She’s not back for him, but fate has a different plan. They are reminded of the passionate night they shared, but even the strongest affection could never erase the bitter, haunting connection their families shared. Yet, they might still find each other in bed and break all the rules.

Dark Bully Romance Novels

2.2. Fallen Heirs (Windsor Academy #3)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Romance, Bullying, Intimacy, Teen-Young Adult, Ebook


This bully romance book concludes the story of Jazz and Kingston as they begin to completely trust each other. Kingston, who used to bully her to the bone, becomes very protective of her-always doing nothing but making her feel safe and loved in every chapter. If you are doubtful about his characters in the first books, you will fall in love with him in the final series.

In this bully romance series, Jazz’s enemies become her friends, and the ones she thought she could trust are actually the ones who betrayed her. Fallen Heirs will give you the romance to make butterflies in your stomach come alive and make your heart race as you make your own guess about the characters surrounding Jazz and Kingston.

Who to trust, who not to trust, and all the twisted mystery and lies.

This is the third book in the Windsor Academy Series. You might want to check out the first two in the series. No need to look them up on other websites-we have listed them below. Read on.

Dark Romance Bully

2.3. Ruthless Kings (Windsor Academy, #2)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Bully, Romance, Dark, Academy, New Adult


Jazz was left to die in the first book-the biggest cliffhanger of the Windsor Academy Book 1. Now, Jazz barely has anyone to trust as the ruthless game of lies begins.

Kingston still couldn’t decide how to tell Jazz about her father’s vicious dealings and businesses. This book will strengthen their relationship and trust with each other together with their friends Reed and Bentley.

They will all work together to discover what Charles had kept a secret for decades. Kingston’s desperation to unravel this secret and protect everyone dear to him makes him want to find out the truth.

It was a hate and love relationship between him and Jazz. Though not until halfway to the end of the book did the readers confirm they are the end game.

The wait was worth it for readers who waited patiently for this bully romance book to come out. Laura Lee, the author, answered all unanswered questions from Book 1 with Book 2 and was soon followed with Book 3.

Bully Romance Goodreads

2.4. Wicked Liars (Windsor Academy, #1)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Bullying, Young Adult, Romance, Dating, Intimacy Ebooks, Women’s Sagas


Typical romance bully book where the guy instantly hates the girl for unknown reasons and goes on bullying her. This story follows the life of Jazz as she moves into California with an estranged father surrounded by lies and secrets.

She would have never known her father Charles had her mother not died. There’s not much of a welcoming vibe in Charles’ home with his wife and Jazz’s stepsister, Peyton.

Being new to town, she meets Kingston, who makes life a bit hard for her when she first enters Windsor Academy, where her stepsister and Kingston are the Queen and King.

Charles is a wealthy, powerful man, and Kingston has a secret plan to unravel the old man’s dirty tricks but is afraid his attraction to Jazz is becoming a distraction. And Peyton doesn’t like the idea of Kingston being attractive to Jazz.

Dark Bully Romance Online

Jazz decided to stick with Kingston’s twin sister Ainsley instead. But Kingston’s way of pushing her away was bullying her, but his feelings for her have a lot of plans he didn’t anticipate.

This is a story of their love and friendship with scorching scenes to spice up your reading experience. And you’ll find out how the homecoming will change Jazz’s opinion of her new home and the people she should trust.

The web of mystery will make you keep reading the pages and discover more. Bully romance books could sometimes be off with the readers, but the writing style is awesome, and the author made sure to justify her characters’ actions. Fans of the new adult genre who want both the school setting and steamy scenes at the same time will like this!

Read Dark Bully Romance Books

2.5. The Fall of a God (The Boys of Clermont Bay, #2)

Score: 9/10

Tags: Coming of Age, New Adult, College Fiction, Romance, Women’s New Adult


As another enemy to lovers’ bully romance book, Beck and Josie will find themselves falling in love with each other despite all the hindrances surrounding them.

Book 1 of this series is about Beck bullying Josie Vos during her senior year. He’s the typical untouchable, cruel hero in this story but a villain in Josie’s eyes. The reason behind all this comes down to the history of their families. And this Book had been much awaited after the cliffhanger the author smartly-and successfully-pulled off.

Josie was ready to move on from her life and leave everything behind, including the boy who broke her heart. But Beck was hell-bent not letting that happen, and he’s willing to do everything this time to get back her trust.

Although the start of this is a typical bully romance, you will love how differently cut out Josie is from the usual because she’s strong and has the bravery to speak up about her thoughts.

Also, Beck grows up to be different from who he is from the start. He starts from hating Josie to falling in love with him, and Josie from being betrayed to forgiving him completely. This bully romance novel is another rollercoaster ride story, with many things to learn. Be ready to get jealous of Josie for having Beck.

Read Bully Romances

Part 3: Possessive Bully Romance Novels

Possessive Bully Romance Novels

3.1. Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder(Breeder#1)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Dominant, Fated, Werewolf, Abused, Billionaire


Rosalie was 20 years old when her father sold her off the vicious Alpha Ethan to have an heir. But it was late when she realized her life would be jusst about giving birth to the baby.

3.2. The Lycan King’s Luna

Score: 9/10

Tags: Dominant, Fated, Pack, Werewolf, Powerful Couple


Elle was promised to another man who vowed she must be his and refused to follow the rule of mate bond. But a conflict between the deal for her will get messed up when Elle realizes she is a mate to Oscar Brent, King of Lycans. He has traveled the world for his mate, but now he must defeat the monster to whom Elle was first sold and get what is fated to be his.

Bully Romances Download

3.3. The Wanted Alpha

Score: 9/10

Tags: Alpha, Pack, Werewolf, Adult, Luna


April is on the run to save her life from the people who slaughtered her pack and family. She finds herself in the territory of a mad Alpha who hates rogues like her. They instantly recognize each other as mates, but the Alpha’s bitter past with rogues gets the best of him, and he risks losing the precious bond he could have had with her.

Best Dark Bully Romance Book

3.4. The Alpha’s Warrior Princess

Score: 10/10

Tags: Werewolf, Kickass Heroine, Pack, Fated, Happy Ending


17-year-old April Raine Storm used to have a good life everyone could only dream of. Until they moved to Pennsylvania, her father introduced her to the Alpha of the Diamond Lake Pack in Wolf County. Alexander Maxim Moon is the future Alpha and has many similarities with April-except he is a manwhore who thinks he can get everything he wants.

Until he meets April, the girl seems to notice nothing special about him.

Read Possessive Bully Romance Novels

3.5. Royally Desired

Score: 9/10

Tags: Alpha, Kickass Heroine, Pack, Dominant, Loving A Werewolf


For twelve years, Tiana Aldrige is mourning the death of her best friend and future alpha of Eclipse Pack when she learns she’s mated to his twin brother who immediately rejected her.

Well, it’s not surprising. Everyone hates her and blames her for it. She was given as a tribute to an Alpha Prince Ryder Cadwalder who hates the idea of being a second chance mate.

Now you’ll have 15 new books on your to-read list. Enjoy and come back for more exciting, thrilling book recommendations!

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