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Good romance books are the most widely read type. There's a wide variety of good romance books available, including those with werewolves, modern settings, the mafia, and erotic. My favorites are Baby Mama by Virtus Grey, The Unwanted Wife of Atticus Fawn by LaurG, and His Lycan Luna by Skylar.

The romance genre can be used in various contexts, making them adaptable literary forms. In fact, you can find it on e-reading sites like Dreame. Most of the plot of romance books revolves around enemies to lovers, best friends to lovers, and many more. Of course, the queen of the plots is the 'third party.' Most of them, however, end happily, so don't fret.


"good romance books"Book Series:

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    His Half Blood Princess

    OptimisticWriter read327.2KRomance

    21 years old Serena is a half-blood werewolf who had never shifted. She couldn't bear to watch her werewolf alcoholic father who had become abusive strangle her human mother to death. So she killed him and they fled for fear for their own lives. Lord Edwin Vincent promised to keep Serena safe because of her crime. She is separated from her mother and brother. The man slowly starts to poison her wolf without her knowledge. Serena could no longer communicate with her wolf when she finds out that Lord Edwin Vincent planned to kill her soon. When Alpha Arthur first set his eyes on Serena, he knew she was his mate, but was appalled that his mate was a human. Against her wish he turned her in to a servant in his Palace. Werewolves are known to detest humans, so how will Serena deal with the other werewolves who try to bully her? Serena didn't know Arthur was her mate. All she knew was that she hated the arrogant prince and doesn't hesitate to show him that. What happens when Serena regains her wolf and realizes Arthur is her mate? Will she accept him or reject him right away? Serena is being sought after by a dark witch that can depress a werewolf temporarily and prevent one from shifting. What happens when the dark witch finally catches up to them? Will prince Arthur be the knight in shining armor and Serena the damsel in distress, or will it be the other way around? And is Serena strong enough to be the Luna of the Royal Crescent Pack?

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    The Wanted Alpha

    Unwise Owlread360.9KParanormal

    ~ Complete ~ Book 2 of The Rogue Beginnings Series, can be read as a stand alone, but is designed to interconnect with others in the series. ~~~~~ April is wanted. A first born Alpha she-wolf on the run and existing as a rogue in order to hide from her pursuers, ever since her family and pack were slaughtered for greed...for her. The pack that hunts her will stop at nothing to obtain April once again after her escape and she, herself, will stop at nothing to remain free. Only now she faces a problem…a very handsome but angry problem. An Alpha has caught her when she trespasses on his territory…and this Alpha is her fated mate. April's mate has little trust in rogues and when he comes face to face with the fact that fate would pair him with a rogue mate…his guilt-ridden past gets the better of him for a split second…and in that split second he may have lost any chance he had of a future with her. Will her mate be able to let go of his past fears and guilt? Will April find her peace, and justice for her fallen pack? ~~~~~ Those beautiful eyes of his were fixated on me, but his expression made his feelings quite clear...I repulsed him. His eyebrows scrunched together and a deep frown formed on his lips, August howled in pain at the silent rejection she could feel from his wolf. He hadn't said anything when he turned to leave and I stupidly leapt forward to take his arm, to beg him to wait, to let me explain everything. I hadn't even registered I'd moved, I had never felt this overwhelming desperation for someone in my life. The mate bond made us act in ways we never thought possible. At my hand landing on his arm, his entire body halted and tensed. He ripped free of my grasp and stepped menacingly forward, causing me to back up in fear. His size seemed to dwarf me in this small cell. "Don't ever f*****g touch me" he bit out through clenched teeth, his eyes pitch black.

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    Who is my Husband

    JM Snapread130.7KRomance

    “You are getting married.” He then threw a white gown at her in a rush. “Put it on and let’s go.” “Wait? What? N-n-n-ow?” Kailee couldn’t believe the words coming out of her Uncle Fredericks mouth. .... “Is this my room?” She listened as the door closed. She couldn’t see anything but could hear his steps walk towards her. “Our room.” “Our room?” She heard the sound of metal landing on a table. His mask she assumed. Then she could hear the rustling sound of his clothes dropping onto the floor. An airy chuckle escaped his lips. “I didn’t just make you my wife for the sake of calling you, my wife. I expect us to act like husband and wife. And that includes your marital duties as one.” His voice dropped a bit at that last part. She could hear him step closer to her. “Am I not allowed to see you?” She took a timid step backwards from the stranger. The room was dark, and she couldn’t see. She had no clue where she was in relation to the room. “You’ll see me just like this at night.” She could now feel his breath fan against her as he stood right in front of her. She felt his hands reach out to her and land on her shoulders. She gulped a bit. “I-I-I don’t know how… I don’t know what I am doing.” She breathed out. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks as she felt embarrassed. At this moment she was glad the room was dark so that the evidence couldn’t be seen on her face. She felt his hand grab ahold of her gown, lifting it off of her effortlessly. She felt the cool air of the room beat against her bare skin. Her senses felt more heightened and she bit her bottom lip nervously. __ Kailee lost her parents at a young age and was forced to live with her uncle who claimed her parent's lands as his own. She was forced to live a meager life in only the attic of the huge estate. That all changed one day when her uncle told her she was getting married! And to her surprise, it was to the lord of Clover Estate. The man always wore a mask and no one knew what he looked like. This was the man she had to marry. Kailee will soon discover secret upon secrets as she sets out to discover who her husband is. But Kailee had her own secrets, she could speak with magical animals though she didn't know the reason why. And the reason may not be what you think... A dark force is also beginning to seep into the world. She must discover the cause of it and stop it before it is too late. What is this darkness? What is the meaning behind her gift? And who is her husband?

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    Hades and His Light

    Veronica Foxread331.7KParanormal

    4th Book of Bergarian Series. Can be read as stand alone. A werewolf, stripped of her memories finds herself in a trafficking ring at just 9 years old. Hades' demons try to find evil souls on Earth and force them back to hell. One demon finds a 'human,' and couldn't help but feel drawn to help her. Once Hades' sets his eyes on the woman the demons want to desperatly help, the bond goes into hyper drive. .... Hades, God of the Underworld was stripped of his love Persephone, when Selene the Moon Goddess intervened giving half of Persephone's soul to a better matched angel. Now, Hades is bitter and angry for the past 1000 years alone, his own servants and friends fear him. Selene finally tells him his soul mate has been born and could have a glimpse of his mate but he wants nothing to do with it. Selene gives warning that the longer he waits to claim her, the harder it will be to win her heart, if she accepts at all. Will the devil himself ever have a chance at true love? **No cheating between main characters and no cliffhangers!**

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    Wild Night with Her Mysterious Husband(Completed)

    Elk Entertainmentread1.6MRomance

    ---Daily Update--- Book 1 Six years ago, Amelia was forced to break up with Patrick of her own accord, and in order to get him to leave willingly, Amelia said some harsh things to make him believe that she was a gold-worshipper. After leaving, Amelia found that she was pregnant with Patrick's child... Six years later, they met on the bed accidentally and spent a hot and crazy night. But Amelia was already married, although she didn't know who her 'husband' really was... ------------------ Book 2 is finished! Starts from Chapter 388. William x Charlotte: Charlotte being Amelia's daughter, is well protected and sweet. When she met William, her parents' good friend, she could not help but fell in love. William shared the same feeling for this girl, but was hesitant since you don't usually do this to your friends' daughter, right?! How will these two manage to continue their love story? What will be their obstacles: age, parents, or a home-wrecker? -------- Book 3 is on!! The story between Nicolas & Shirley! The girl was drugged in the club. Her stranger billionaire savior came and rescued her. What is their story? Read to find out!

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    The Alpha's Commoner Bride

    Caroline Above Storyread43.7KFantasy

    I'm Aurora, an unmated commoner, an inferior bloodline. My parents taught me a lot of things growing up, but the most important one is never piss off a royal. They run the world, they make the rules, and they are brutal when they don’t get exactly what they want, especially an unmated commoner girl. Most royals f**k commoner girls for fun, knowing we couldn’t possibly fight back. Some of them do it to get their release and then kill them, leaving behind no chance for an heir that is a half-breed. I’ve never seen a commoner female return from the palace. There aren’t many of us left in my pack, but my alpha has managed to convince the royal warriors that there aren’t any unmated females in his pack and if there were, he would gladly hand them over I’m unmated, only a year and half away from turning twenty to feel my mate. I pray to Moon Goddess that I need the protection of a mate. Until that day, a tall, brute man walks into my house like he was invited in. I tremble while he grins. He is a Royal.

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    My Abuser, My Mate

    Alicia Terrell Barrowread381.7KFantasy

    CandiAnn Amberson is a senior in high school. She has been bullied all of her school years, and believes herself to be a worthless failure. However, on the night of her 18th birthday, when she shifts for the first time, she discovers that she is the white wolf, the first one is over a thousand years. She also discovers that her mate is none other than future Alpha Cody Jacobs, who has been her main bully all through school. He wants to reject her at first but his father the alpha forbids it. Cody is horrified when he realizes he's been bullying his mate for years. He changes his mind and determines that he will do whatever it takes to woo her, and sets out to make her forgive and accept him. But CandiAnn is just as determined that she will never accept him. Who will win, and who will give in? And has Cody truly changed his ways?

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    The Servant With The Mark Of The Goddess

    Virginia K. Sebastianread239.3KRomance

    Sometimes it snows in the middle of spring, and sometimes, power is gifted to the most unexpected person. Prince Nathan believes that the only way of saving his father's Kingdom from Goddess Israel's curse is by marrying Princess Aria, a daughter of a famous sorceress. Turns out Goddess Israel's curse cannot be broken by magic and the only one capable of taking away the curse is the little messy servant who he has always made fun of and she may hate him more than the curse itself. Hannah, the new servant in the big palace, is the last person anyone consinders useful. She has a pure heart and is strong willed as well as exceptionally gifted. But her messy nature and carefree dressing have got everyone frowning upon her presence. She however knows how to let out all the pain and loneliness through a song, even though no one ever listens. ***** My other books, I hope you enjoy them! The Slave Mated To The Pack's Angel The Promise Of A Millennia(Book Two Of Pack Angel Series) Mated To My Powerful, Royal Enemy Readers Of The Future

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    The Rogue Alpha's Return

    Unwise Owlread151.3KParanormal

    ~ Complete ~ Book 1 of The Rogue Beginnings Series. ~~~~~ Conner has existed alone for almost a decade as a rogue in exile from the age of just 17. Wrongly accused and framed for an attack on his pack and the murder of his Alpha and Luna, his own parents. The last 9 years has hardened Conner to a lethal and fierce survivor and now he is ready to face his accuser, clear his name and take back his pack. But whilst traveling on foot in the rain and drawing close to his old home, he accidentally trespasses on the neighbouring Alpha's land. Conner is hit by the unexpected when that very Alpha is his mate, a woman who has her own dark secret and has herself been stung by betrayal. Can the Alpha bring herself to trust another again? Can Conner prove himself to his mate that he is more than just a disgraced rogue? ~~~~~ The guards and I stood in silence for a good while, must've been close to an hour, when my wolf suddenly started to stir and become restless, which was highly unusual. For an Alpha wolf, Colt was surprisingly quiet, laid back and composed, much like myself, so we worked together in complete sync and rarely clashed.  'What is it? What's got you pacing?' I asked him. 'Someone's coming. Someone we want' was all the reply I get. The f**k's that supposed to mean? But before I could dwell on it any further I heard the footfalls of someone approaching and an incredibly powerful aura...the Alpha was here. And like a hammer I was hit with an intoxicating scent of fresh peaches, 'MATE' my wolf practically howled. My arms slowly lowered from across my chest, I felt like I had no control over my heart rate or breathing and I couldn't take my eyes off the figure in front of me. The Alpha of Silent Rivers was my mate!

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    Billionaire's Wrong Bride

    Stu Bread947.4KSuspense/Thriller

    She is forced to marry a Devil Billionaire in replacement of her sister . Mia had seen her father mistreating her mother. She swore that day when her mother died that she'd never marry a rich man. She thinks they are all heartless and treat poor people like her and her mother as trash. Little does she know that she is exchanged in a deal to marry a rich billionaire devil, Xavier Leonardi. Xavier Leonardi is another name of the devil. He is ruthless, heartless and a playboy. He never believes in a relationship. But he has to marry a girl who is not up to his standard. He is angry and frustrated by this contract marriage. He wants to hate her but feels attracted towards her. What will happen when two completely opposite people start living together? An explosion is a must and their explosive chemistry is too hot. ✓✓Available As Paperback On A.M.A.Z.O.N ✓✓Book 1 in The Mafia's Bride Series. ✓✓Can be read as standalone. Warning ⚠️ 18+, B D S M, detailed sexually explicit content.