"regressor takes everything"Book Series:

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    Delving Deeper


    Nur has her life organised. She works hard and loves spending time with her brothers-that is, when they're not threatening men off- but all that changes when she encounters 'him' in the school hallway. He is everything she dislikes. With no manners and a temper that is being unleashed upon every living being. So imagine her shock when she wakes up in 'his' bed with no memory of how she could possibly have gotten there. And the biggest shock? They're married! He is ruder than before. Apparently what she doesn't remember holds a deep meaning to him. But . . . there is something about him. Something he masks with rage. Join their journey as tempers unleash, hearts break and love awakens. •Sequel to 'HER UNWANTED HUSBAND'• ~•Can be read as a stand-alone•~

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    The Transformation

    Reeti Jharead2.5KRomance

    The story deals with the twisted and abnormal love story of Kristina and Nathan. Kristina Adams, CEO, and founder of one of the biggest fashion agency is forced to get married to Nathan Scott, CEO of another profit-making company but all of this is done at the cost of love. The love they could never feel and even when they felt things got out of control. An ordinary love story with an abnormal ending. It arouses a wind whirl of emotions starting from love to loss to hatred. It's their journey through the various unfavorable circumstances life throws at them.

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    Chasing Freedom


    The world called earth was divided into two, the world of humans and the world of the untamed demon beast which is called the world of the wolves. The two worlds made a promise a thousand years ago that they would never invade each other's territories. Part of their promise to those humans who try to enter in the wolf’s world will become their food. Emily Solidad is an ex-military who was accused of betraying an important mission. Her whole family was attacked by the terrorist and threatened to death so she decided to abandon her next mission and escape from the camp to save her family. She loves her duty but she loves her family more than everything. On her way to escape she fell into the mysterious abyss. Little did she know that it is forbidden to enter that place since it is the wolves’ territory. On the other side, a brutal alpha who was wandering after he destroyed another pack noticed a figure falling from above. Out of his curiosity, he dashes to catch the falling figure. His perfect physical features were lightened from the light of the moon and an intimidating aura was visible on him. He catches the figure and he is amused by the woman he saw. A mischievous smile was formed in the alpha's lips.

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    The Runaway and the Enforcer

    Edward Kendrickread1.0KLGBT+

    "Beau, thirty-five, is a gangland enforcer who has gone into hiding rather than following the orders of his boss, Mercer, to harm a rival's kid. Now, all Beau wants to do is eliminate Mercer before getting out of town. When Rick, an eighteen-year-old denizen of the streets, witnesses Beau killing one of Mercer's men who has found him, Beau takes Rick under his wing instead of killing him, as well. He offers Rick a place to stay while he figures out how to put his plan to take Mercer out into action -- without ending up dead himself. Befriending Rick is an act Beau may come to regret. Rick convinces Beau to take him along when he leaves town -- thus working his way into Beau's dangerous life on the run -- and perhaps, into his heart, if Beau can come to grips with the fact that Rick is half his age. Note: This story contains scenes of graphic violence."

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    The Enforcer

    Renee Roseread1.5KRomance

    She’s my weakness, my obsession. And now my prisoner. I spent twelve long years in a Siberian prison. Since my release, nothing's held my interest. Nothing except her. Week after week, I watch her band perform. I can't get her out of my mind. When my past catches up to me, she becomes a target. The only way to save her is to lock her away. Hold her prisoner until things blow over. She’ll never forgive me now, but I can’t explain. I can’t talk.

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    Forced by Cops

    Rose Roughread1.3KRomance

    When she gets arrested for shoplifting, she never thought a group of cops would take her into a back room and give her a very thoroughly rough and hard interrogation of all her most secret places! But that's exactly what she's getting...By the end of the night, she's gonna need a shower! 

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    L.J. Hamlinread1KLGBT+

    A collection of stories ranging from sweet to spicy, about men loving and lusting, struggling and pining. In Breaking the Rules, Greg is getting back on his feet after overcoming cancer, and asks his crush to go with him to a photoshoot for moral support ... and a chance to act on his feelings. Cherry Bomb is about Carl, the only openly gay member of a frat, and his brothers have played a prank on him by sending him alone to a gay bar with a twist. In Love with Zeus's Son forces Eros to help his best friend learn whether or not he has a soul mate, but learning the answer may well break the heart of the god of love. Love and Cake brings sweet treats and sweet surprises when Rowan agrees to make cupcakes for his sister's engagement party. In Lover's Lane, Danny runs afoul of some greasers and is saved by his brother's best friend, who takes him to Lovers Lane to hide ... and reveals some intriguing things Danny never expected. Luck of the Irish brings good fortune to Jamie, who is more than happy to spread the joy around, especially to the best friend he's secretly in love with. Nurse Levi has heard it all about being a male nurse, and he has no time for stereotypes and clichés. Not until a hot, cute fireman shows up suffering wounds from saving a kitten, anyway. And in Will You Be the Wolf to My Captain Dee?, a day of cosplaying his favourite character goes better than Bennett could have ever imagined.

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    The Interrogator

    Chris Bellowsread1.0KSteamy Stories

    When Robert is incarcerated while on vacation in Thailand, he's brutally interrogated for a crime he did not commit. The experience revives an adolescent affliction Robert can "get it up", but he cannot "get off". He gets NO climactic s****l relief! Later in NYC, he encounters the same female who interrogated him in Thailand, a Psych professor specializing in deviant s****l behavior. She assures Robert that she can cure him of his terrible affliction, but does he dare risk more interrogation and demeaning torture? Can the methods that caused his condition actually cure it? Extreme bondage, CBT, caning, collars, gags, hoods, humiliating medical scenes and sensory deprivation as the helpless Robert is caught by this Dominant female's mystifying s****l power.

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    The Enforcer

    Renee Roseread1KRomance

    She’s my weakness, my obsession. And now my prisoner.I spent twelve long years in a Siberian prison.Since my release, nothing's held my interest.Nothing except her.Week after week, I watch her band perform.I can't get her out of my mind.When my past catches up to me, she becomes a target.The only way to save her is to lock her away.Hold her prisoner until things blow over.She’ll never forgive me now, but I can’t explain.I can’t talk.

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    Coerced Conversions

    Lance Edwardsread1KSteamy Stories

    Lance Edwards brings us another stunning collection of Femdom short stories with Coerced Conversions. In The Snore Cure, we find a couple freshly married but the new bride is highly annoyed with her groom’s snoring. She takes matters into her own hands to cure him of this nasty habit with a few tools from her best friend. Every young guys dream is to land a Cougar, but Andy has no idea what he’s in for when Dana drags him to her home after picking him up in a local bar. She discovers he’s a virgin “in both holes” and decides that she’ll deflower this wimpy geek and he’ll learn to love it. In Second Chances, Tad reacquaints himself with his high school crush at a reunion. In a wheelchair, Tad is stunned to discover that Donna rather likes the idea of him being helpless, and a virgin to boot. She discovers all sorts of devious ways to torture him with his medical devices once she comes to his house. Captured at the Camp is the story of two drunken best friends that are the stars of the local high school football team. Eighteen, full of testosterone and beer, Jerry and Jack make their way to a camp where the college women’s soccer team is supposedly having a sinful allgirl orgy. The boys get caught and wicked things happen at the hands of the captain and her teammates. Coerced Conversions is definitely an example of what Lance Edwards does best, bringing the excruciating pain and endless excitement of Femdom to our readers