15 Italian Mafia Romance Books That Will Make You Crazy


Italian Mafia romance books are romance stories that feature Made Men, mafia families, or anyone else associated with the mafia world. These books usually revolve around a hero or a family involved in organized crime.

While all mafia romance novels deal with some aspect of organized crime, there are some other common themes that readers will encounter in a mafia romance novel. Themes such as

The Male alphas

In these types of books, the romantic heroes are especially possessive, domineering, and skilled at concealing their true emotions. Preservation has taught them to keep things close to the vest in life and love.

The Family

You can also find Italian mafia novels featuring, Italian families where loyalty and family are above all. You won’t want to deal with such heroes when it comes to their families. They are no jokes….really!

The Arranged Marriages

An arranged marriage is another popular theme you can find in Italian mafia romance novels. Arranged marriages are frequently set up between feuding families or factions to bring peace or value to each crime family.

During the marriage, we get to see the Main leads fall in love and the process they get to achieve such.

 Books About Italian Mafia (Cruel Paradise)

The Virgins

A virgin bride is a similar storyline that often goes hand in hand with most Italian mafia arranged marriage romance books.

Consummation of the marriage and the concept of fidelity within the marriage are also topics and themes addressed in these books.

Indeed, the criminal underworld and its seductive secrets can be both enticing and perplexing. It’s no surprise that the Italian Mafia has become a popular topic in books and films.

Italian mafia romances typically feature characters that are either members of the Mafia or are closely related to one. These types of books contain lots of crime scenes…watch out for those!

If you are interested to read one of the best Italian mafia romance books, then our list can be of help. Check out these lovely books below.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 1: Cruel Paradise By J.T. Geissinger

 Books About Italian Mafia (Cruel Paradise)

Score: 4.5


In this romance book, Killian is the boss who falls for the daughter of a rival leader and is hooked after just one moment of connection. It only takes one night to fall for the thief who stole from him. Unfortunately, she appears to be the daughter of his rival and enemy.

This is another mafia romance novel that focuses on the main leads’ relationship rather than actual mob action. It depicts the female lead’s (Juliet) struggle with falling in love with a man who represents everything she despises.

Pros: This is one of the soul-satisfying love stories you will love reading. It has all the fantasy of the mafia, their gun battles, and rescues.

Cons: This Italian mafia romance novel can’t be read as a stand-alone book. Also, some parts may become confusing if read as a standalone novel.

It has some grammatical issues. It also contains adult language, steamy adult intimate scenes, and violence.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 2: The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen

Books About Italian Mafia (The Kiss Thief)

Score: 4.4


The Kiss Thief is another Italian mafia romance novel with the perfect enemies-to-lovers story. This amazing novel is wrapped in a slow-burn romance that can make you feel everything.

Here, Francesca is the daughter of the Chicago outfit’s leader who loves someone else but is unexpectedly thrown into an arranged marriage with a Senator. The senator has an axe to grind and is willing to use Francesca to do so.

Senator Wolfe as he’s known sees Francesca as a way to get what he wants, which is to see her father’s empire burn to the ground. He wants justice for everything her father has taken away from him over the years. He isn’t concerned with what he has to do or who he has to hurt.

The slow burn between the anti-hero and the woman he underestimates makes this romance novel so good you won’t want to be left out.

Pros: This Italian mafia romance novel shows an array of themes and emotions.

Cons: There are adult language and sex scenes that some readers might find disturbing.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 3: By Sin I Rise by Cora Reilly

Books About Italian Mafia (By Sin I Rise)

Score: 4.4


In this novel, Maddox is destined to follow in the footsteps of his uncle. His uncle is the president of the Tartarus MC. Their chapter is once again on the rise, but to achieve ultimate victory, they must destroy their enemy, the Vitiello empire.

What better way to destroy their enemy than to kidnap the daughter of the head of the Vitiello empire and dismember her until her father pleads for mercy?

In this mafia romance novel, we witness Reilly’s return to the Vitiello family and the duet that begins.

Pros: The writing and plot of the novel were good.

Cons: Unlike other Italian mafia romance books, there wasn’t enough angst or fodder for emotions in this novel. That’s a minus for me!

Also, there’s a need for more background and a buildup of characters.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 4: Sempre by J.M. Darhower

Books About Italian Mafia (Sempre)

Score: 4.5


All of the characters are written with depth and emotion. You may not agree with what they do or have done in their lives, but you will respect their choices because you can truly understand their thoughts and feelings.

Haven and Carmine are the main lead of this sweet romance novel, Sempre. Haven, a second-generation slave, spent her days toiling and suffering horrifying abuse. While Carmine, the son of a wealthy Mafia family, grew up in luxury.

Their two worlds collide due to a twist of fate, and their love naturally blossoms. Despite the lack of lust, their love story is exceptionally refreshing because it is so emotional and real.

So, if you want a story with raw and real mafia without clichés then this book is for you. Before I forget, it’s a heartbreaking love story with a plot full of gripping surprises and suspense. Try it out!

Pros: This is a story that feels as real as it comes.

The author did an amazing job of developing the characters properly.

Cons: The only problem I found here was the fact that sometimes the writing style was hard to understand. Most Italian mafia novels have this problem.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 5: Collateral by Natasha Knight

Books About Italian Mafia (Collateral)

Score: 4.5


This is yet another mafia romance novel in which the alpha male marries the young pawn. Check out this one if you like an age-gap romance with a dash of blackmail in a dark romance.

Pros: This is one of the best Italian mafia romance books with interesting characters and a plot.

Cons: It does end on a cliffhanger and I certainly don’t like that.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 6: Awakening by Lee Savino & Stasia Black

Books About Italian Mafia (Awakening)

Score: 4.5


Awakening, the sequel to Innocence, picks up right where the first left off. But you can start reading ‘Awakening’ right away. Although, after reading it, you might want to get Innocence because you’ll love the storyline and the smoking hot sex.

This dark mafia romance follows a man who wants to protect the woman he loves at all costs. His defense is powerful, demanding, and dark.

This novel is jam-packed with events that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So yeah, grab yourself a bag of cheese and get started!

Pros: I like the novel’s writing and the plot. The author didn’t repeat the same content over and over again just to fill in the pages like most Italian mafia novels.

Cons: There was an editing error in the novel.

Also, I noticed that there were a few references where we had to guess what happened, and a few details were omitted after something happened.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 7: The Thief’s Daughter by Victoria Cornwall

Books About Italian Mafia (The Thief’s Daughter)

Score: 4.6


Looking for a Romantic Suspense Novel with double identities, historical elements, and characters who yearn to be free? Then you’ve discovered one of the “mafia” romance novels you should add to your library.

Everyone knows that stealing and smuggling were commonplace in eighteenth-century Cornwall.

Jenna Cartwright, on the other hand, does not want that life. Jenna is trying to escape her family’s criminal legacy, but when her brother, Silas, begs for her assistance, she is torn.

She finds herself in a world she didn’t want to be in, particularly after meeting Jack. He’s a thief-taker on a mission to expose the worst of the Cornish smuggling trade. Jenna will have to deal with trust, lies, crime, and heartbreak.

If you’re looking for a story with well-developed characters and conflicting emotions, The Thief’s Daughter is a great choice for you!

Pros: The characters and their conflicting emotions were well developed by the author in this amazing novel. Even though their lives were difficult and bad things happened to them, the novel ended well.

Cons: The story was amazing but I felt it was predictable.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 8: Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman

Books About Italian Mafia (Son of the Mob)

Score: 4.5


Son of the Mob injects more life and light into the mafia novel scene. The novel features Vince. He is a high school student and the son of a mobster. All he wants is to be free of the crimes and violence that have plagued his family.

Although he appreciates the less violent benefits of his family’s association, such as always getting good grades because the teachers are so afraid of the family.

He finds himself falling for a girl at school who he can’t resist. But he soon discovers that this girl’s father is an FBI agent searching for his father…wow!

Son of the Mob is not currently available for e-readers, but it is available in paperback, hardcover, and even audible. And believe me when I say that it is such a fun read. You should get it and check it out yourself.

Pros: It has a good read with a nice ending and a likable narrator. The plot line of the story is interesting, and the characters are engaging as well.

Cons: Expect some explicit sex scenes.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 9: Tempting the Devil by Patricia Potter

 Books About Italian Mafia (Tempting the Devil)

Score: 4.4


Robin Stuart, an Atlanta journalist, is captivated by the recent slaying of three police officers. Her life is turned upside down when she is assigned to cover the crime and figure out why they were murdered.

During her investigation, she meets an FBI agent called Ben Taylor. Both are aware that this crime might be deadly and linked to a southern Mafia ring. They must be very careful not to become their next most-wanted victims.

How will they do that without getting suspected by such a mafia group? Well, it’s something you want to find out right?

This mafia romance book’s suspense will satisfy all of your cravings for the world of seduction and danger that comes with mafia romance. Grab a copy then…

Pros: It has a credible plot, a well-rounded cast of supporting characters, and a properly proofread script.

Cons: Although this Italian mafia romance is fairly well written, it’s too predictable as well.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 10: Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Books About Italian Mafia (Perfect Chemistry)

Score: 4.6


Perfect Chemistry is a young adult fiction twist on a mafia novel that follows Brittany, a high school senior. She appears to be perfect on the outside, but after being paired with a Latino Bloods gang member named Alex, her world begins to crumble around her.

However, you should be aware that “Perfect Chemistry” is primarily a Young Adult Romance Story. It’s a schmaltzy, feel-good high school romance with plenty of clichés and romance tropes thrown in.

Pros: It’s a young adult-teen novel but can be enjoyed by adults too.

Cons: It has some sexual scenes most people might not like.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 11: The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori

Books About Italian Mafia (The Sweetest Oblivion)

Score: 4.5


Elena Abelli was once the mafia’s princess, but after a scandal, she is placed under house arrest. That changes when her sister marries the king of another mafia organization.

She finds herself connected in an irresistible way to her new brother-in-law. They become entangled in a doomed and dark romance that can destroy their reputation but they are too blinded to see that.

Sweetest Oblivion is packed with sensual and sexual tension, as well as steamy scenes. If you’re not a sucker for such scenes then this might not be the one for you.

Pros: In the novel, the personalities of the characters were conveyed. Also, the dialogue was consistent and character-specific.

I won’t forget to mention that the writing is smooth and consistent. It is well written, with no grammatical or spelling errors.

Cons: When it comes to the best Italian mafia romance books, there should be more activity but here, there’s little mafia action.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 12: Crow’s Row by Julie Hockley

Books About Italian Mafia (Crow’s Row)

Score: 4.4


Julie Hockley’s mafia novel will immediately grab your attention.

What appears to be a peaceful summer in New York quickly turns into a dark and dangerous scene. Unlike many other erotic mafia books, this mafia novel has a surprisingly sweet twist to it.

In short, if you enjoy great love stories, a good guy dealing with bad decisions, and a fiery heroine who won’t take “No” for an answer, Crow’s Row is a must-read!

Pros: I love the plotline of this novel. Also, the action scenes were well-drawn and felt real.

Cons: This is another one of the best Italian mafia romance books that end on a cliffhanger. Again, there was a major lack of character development.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 13: Made Men Series by Sarah Brianne

Books About Italian Mafia (Made Men Series)

Score: 4.4


The Made Men Series includes some of the best mafia romance books available in stores and online. This series consists of eight books, each following a different character. And they’re all fantastic reads.

In this series, you follow the Carusos, a mafia family from Kansas City. Each book in the series focuses on a hero and a heroine. It also focuses on their relationship in the dark and evil world of the mafia.

I prefer the first two books: “Nero” and “Vincent.” Though, the rest of the series is enjoyable too.

Pros: The novel seems to have no cliffhanger and that’s what I prefer.

Cons: If you’re uncomfortable with sex scenes then avoid this novel. It has too many sexual references.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 14: Monster in His Eyes By J.M. Darhower

 Books About Italian Mafia (Monster in His Eyes)

Score: 4.5


Monster in His Eyes is a novel about Ignazio and Karissa. Karissa is a college student who finds her world revolving around a certain older man on campus. She begins to fall for this man who she finds mysterious and alluring.

Ignazio is a man with a dark and deadly secret. He has kept this secret hidden for a long time. Soon, Karissa and Ignazio will be walking the fine line between love and hate, fear and passion. Will Ignazio’s secret be kept hidden or will he reveal it to the only woman he loves now?

Pros: This is another one of the best Italian mafia romance books with a good storyline and well-developed characters.

Cons: It has little or no chemistry which is not good for a romance novel.

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Best Books About The Italian Mafia Book 15: Ruthless People Series by J. J. McAvoy

Books About Italian Mafia (Ruthless People Series)

Score: 4.3


The series follows Melody and Liam, two rivals who must marry to break the ties between their families. Melody, a power-hungry woman, will surprise Liam, who does not expect to marry such a woman.

The series begins with Ruthless People, which marks the beginning of the two characters’ relationship. The Untouchables, the second book in the series, continues to follow the characters and their intertwined, secretive lives.

The third book, American Savages, reaches a tipping point, and the fourth, A Bloody Kingdom, follows their lives eight years later.

Will their power be too much for them? Will they be able to maintain the lives they’ve created?

Pros: The book touches on family, loyalty, respect, and power which is what most Italian mafia novels are about. The author was able to incorporate some cultures and developed the character well.

Cons: There were so many pronoun errors and a lack of editing in the novel.

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