Book Review: the Divorced Billionaire Heiress

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The Divorced billionaire heiress is a soul-shattering romance story about a humble and loving wife Nicole Stanton who got married to a philandering billionaire, Eric Ferguson, who never had a feeling for her even though he married her.

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Part 1: The main storyline of the divorced billionaire heiress

The main storyline of the divorced billionaire heiress

The divorce billionaire heiress core storyline revolves around a lady named Nicole who is from a wealthy family but she had to lower her status to become like an errand girl at her husband’s house because of the affection she felt for Eric Ferguson. Nicole didn’t want anyone to determine her love life, she just wanted to find someone she would love with all her heart. True love as we know it in the divorced billionaire heiress novel.

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The billionaire Ferguson had only married Nicole for the help of a blood donor, he never had a feeling for her. Her blood seems precious to him to save the life of the one he loves but he never knew it was a trap all along.

Part 2: Characters of the divorced billionaire heiress


Characters of the divorced billionaire heiress

Nicole was always a happy and cheering woman who was relishing the beauty of her marriage to her Billionaire husband, Eric Ferguson in the divorced billionaire heiress novel, but one day her always joyful appearance went sour when she received a debilitating text message which was related to her husband’s ill-attitude towards her.

Eric Ferguson was only finding joy in fattening Nicole’s bank account with loads of cash just so she does what he wants and he knew just want he wanted even though it was going to end their marriage if Nicole ever found out.

Nicole who is the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the city had to stoop low just to fall in love with the gorgeous Eric Ferguson. Her father owns the biggest business cooperation and has always wanted Nicole to succeed him in the family business but she decided to follow her heart by finding her true love in the divorced billionaire heiress novel.

Eric Ferguson

Characters of the divorced billionaire heiress

If anything made Eric feel more satisfied in the divorced billionaire heiress novel, it is treating the wife he married like a stranger rather than his soul mate. Nicole was busy doing everything Ferguson requested of her without complaining but Ferguson was busy fooling her while he philandered with ladies. He will always wear a stern, expressionless face when he looked at Nicole, he was often down looking at her with his cold gaze.

Nicole always looks at his prominent features which made her obsessed with him as the divorced billionaire heiress. He was handsome and tall, which made her fall head over heels for him, but he never once smiled at her. Nicole never did anything to annoy Ferguson because she loves him.

One very despicable thing Ferguson requested Nicole to do more often was deposit blood to a lady she never would have anything to do with just because Ferguson ordered her to do so. Till she got very ill and weak in her body because she gave more blood than her body can handle but Ferguson didn’t care if she die or live. He was interested in the lady Nicole donated the blood, for her to live because he had a more emotional connection with the lady than his legal wife in the divorced billionaire heiress novel.

Part 3: The Charm of the divorced billionaire heiress

The Charm of the divorced billionaire heiress

A lot of readers enjoy reading the billionaire heiress novel because of Nicole`s predicament. Her situations depict a young lady who left all the wealth and care from her family just to be with a man she fell in love with but it happens that he never loved her the way she loves him. He treated her like shit. It didn’t mean anything to him if she will die as a result of the way he was treating her.

Part 4: Books similar to the divorced billionaire heiress

An alternative for the divorced billionaire heiress

You will fall in love with the characters of the alternative of the divorced billionaire heiress novel, Divorce from the Alpha (Beast of Arizona series). Dionessa is a beautiful girl known for her charisma, she charms anyone just by looking at them with her blue eyes. Ambrose is a wise Alpha. He’s the strongest werewolf in the pack. He has the best sense among all the other werewolves.

Dionessa found herself in a predicament she couldn’t do anything to help. She can’t shift. It got so terrible that Leinara, one of the girls who seem to hate her presence, told the Alpha that at the age of twenty-one, she was supposed to be training with the warrior but she doesn’t because she can’t shift.

One day her father, a mere omega, managed to kill the alpha of the Fire Blood Pack. And the Alpha called for an honorary ceremony. She and her family were supposed to be celebrating but everything got ruined because Leinara can’t last a day without announcing to everyone that she hadn’t shifted yet. There’s not a day that goes by without Leinara insulting her for not being as strong as her other pack members.

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An alternative for the divorced billionaire heiress

Her family was the lowest rank. Nobody ever treated them like the other members. They were poor and most of the time, neglected

A lot of time her parents would want to defend her but they couldn’t. They don’t have the power to do so even though her father was the reason why we’re celebrating that the pack succeed in a war.

In order to stick to the tradition in the pack. That if someone failed to shift by the age of twenty-one, he or she will be persecuted or she will bring bad luck to our pack

But the Alpha decided to not kill her, instead not let you stay in my pack anymore.

Dionessa years left her pack and family to an unknown land and she was attacked in the wood by some rogues but managed to escape from the rogues and met a handsome man jogging in the middle of the forest. He wore a white V-neck shirt but nevertheless, he still looks handsome. She couldn’t deny it.

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