Bad Moon 1996 Movie: A Werewolf Hero Avoids Hurting His Relatives

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Bad moon movie is a 1996 classic werewolf movie. The director of the film is Eric Red, and the screenwriters are Wayne Smith and Eric Red. The movie is actually an adaptation of Wayne Smith’s novel “Thor”. We actually only see three lead roles in the cast of the 1996 movie Bad moon. One of them is Michael Pare, who plays the role of Uncle Ted. Another is Mason Gamble, who plays Janet’s son Brett, and another actress is Mariel Hemingway, who plays Janet.

Other actors in the movie are Kend Pogue as Sheriff Jenson and Hrothgar Mathews as Flopsy, who tries to get Janet in trouble. Johanna Marlowe plays Ted’s girlfriend, Marjorie, who is attacked by a werewolf at the very beginning of the movie. I’m sure that the murder of this beautiful actress in the first minutes of the movie made me sad as well as the audience.

The main plot of Bad Moon 1996 werewolf movie

The Bad Moon is a werewolf movie. The story begins when Ted’s camp within the group of explorers is attacked in Timberline. You feel the tension from the first scenes of the movie to your bones. The first scene of Bad Moon is actually very hot. Ted and his girlfriend Marjorie are having sex in their tent at the camp. They’re both naked and it’s a beautiful scene. At this very moment, you feel that there is a presence around the camp.

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There’s a werewolf spying on them around the camp. The werewolf attacks the camp whenever he gets the chance. Marjorie and Ted continue to make love in their tents while they kill the hikers at the camp one by one.

Just then, Ted notices a shadow in the tent, and the werewolf swoops in and captures Marjorie. While Ted tries to save him, the werewolf injures him and throws him. Ted takes his shotgun at the last moment and kills the werewolf by shooting him in the head. But Marjorie dies in the werewolf’s savage claws. The real movie starts after that. Ted turns into a werewolf.

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Later, Ted lives in the woods where he can hide from the public. His relatives insist on visiting him. Ted tries to warn them of the danger of werewolves, but they still don’t go away. Finally, he shows them he is the werewolf himself and orders the hunting dog to kill himself while he locks his own hands in a cuff.

The most impressive scenes of Bad Moon 1996 werewolf movie

There are many hair-raising scenes in the movie. We only see one werewolf in the movie, but this werewolf’s purpose is not brutality. On the contrary, Uncle Ted sees it as a disease and, according to his diary, he wants to get rid of it. Although he tried medicine and treatment, he could not find any solution. Doctors also tell him there is no cure for it. As a last resort, Ted thinks maybe love will heal him and goes to see his family. The movie starts out as a thriller, but then the action escalates a lot.

The Werewolf Attack on Timberline

bad moon movie attack

Ted and his team of mountaineers spend their night on the Timberline while making a plan. They will go to Delhi according to their plans. Ted and Marjorie retreat to their tent and start making love. These scenes are really hot. The character of Marjorie is as beautiful as many men dream. Along with the lovemaking scene, you also feel tension. There is something beautiful, but the night, the darkness and the forest, and the mysterious presence around the camp start to scare you.

Meanwhile, the campers are being killed one after the other. Meanwhile, we’re still not sure who attacked. Last we see a werewolf tearing the tent with its claws. He’s tearing poor Marjorie apart there. Ted, on the other hand, escapes despite being hit by a claw and manages to kill the werewolf. It was one of the most impressive scenes in the movie.

Ted and Thor’s First Fight

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When Ted fails to handcuff himself in time, he turns into a werewolf in the forest. Thor had seen him before, handcuffed to a tree in the forest, transformed into a werewolf. Suspecting the torn clothes and handcuffs on the floor, Thor then starts searching for Ted. He encounters Ted right in front of the house and pounces on him.

Ted and Thor’s fight scene is both sad and action-packed. Thor attacks the werewolf Ted to protect the house and manages to injure him. Just then, Janet wakes up and turns on the security lights. Disturbed by the security lights, Ted returns to the forest. But Ted’s hunt doesn’t end there. He shatters Flopsy, who comes to kill Thor at midnight, with a single claw strike. Ted and Thor’s fight and finally Flopsy’s sacrifice were one of the exciting scenes.

Legendary Scene in the Final

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Although the beginning of the movie is beautiful, the finale is just as full of excitement and action. The movie begins and ends with action. A lot of things happen in the final scene. Brett tries to save Thor from the animal control center. Janet follows the suspicious Ted and finds him transformed into a werewolf in the woods. There’s really a lot going on, but they’re all going to be connected.

Ted turns into a werewolf and starts chasing Janet through the woods. Meanwhile, Brett rescues Thor from the shelter. Thor also starts running towards the house. Although Janet enters the house at the last moment, Ted breaks the windows and enters the house after Janet. A chase begins inside. Janet throws herself into Brett’s room at the last moment. While waiting for death on the ground, Thor comes in and jumps on Ted.

Thor seriously injures Ted, but Ted manages to dodge him. At this moment, Janet reloads her pistol and cannot kill Ted, even though she shoots him many times. Thor gets up from the ground and jumps on Ted with one last blow. They both fall down the window. Ted then goes into the woods.

Morning After the Night Scene

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This scene was both emotional and satisfying. At the end of the movie, Thor finds Ted in the forest. Ted is badly injured but still alive. Meanwhile, Ted is in human form. Ted looks into Thor’s eyes and asks him to kill him. With one final blow, Thor kills Ted. We don’t see Ted die, but we know he’s dead.

The place to Watch Bad Moon 1996 Full Movie

If you want to watch Bad Moon 1996, you only need an Amazon Prime Video account. Prime Video currently has Bad Moon. You can also watch this movie from addresses such as Tubi TV and Vudu. The IMDB rating of the movie is 5.8. It’s a different werewolf movie, although it got bad reviews from critics.


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