Best-selling Werewolf Book Review: Prince Reagan

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Prince Reagan is Sky Angel’s first and most successful novel. The novel is based on love and a fantastic story. This love is both impossible and fiery love. Real love! Published in 2021, the book currently has 5.9 million reads on The novel Prince Reagan also has 1.7 million followers.

The book is a +18 book and mostly appeals to young girls. But anyone aged 18+ can easily read the book. I can say that this book, which is wild, emotional, and full of desires, is Sky Angel’s masterpiece. As one of the most successful writers on Dreame, Sky Angel obtains more than 5.9 million of reads with Prince Reagan.

For those who love werewolf stories, the book contains many fantastic elements. The book offers you a true love story for lovers of love stories. For those who love romance, the book contains the hottest dimensions of romance. A fantastic book that is worth reading.

Main Characters in Prince Reagan

Prince Reagan is a book full of not only its story but also its characters. Talking about the characters, most of the characters are young; they are still in high school. Everyone we read in the story is werewolves who has a certain position in the werewolf hierarchy. They receive training on the herd and also continue their education life like ordinary people.

Prince Reagan

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Of course, our most important character is King Aldrich’s son, Prince Reagan, who is sexy, arrogant, and possessive. You may not see it in the middle at first, but it will become the subject of many events in the future. His father is Alpha Brenson, the active leader of the pack. He declares that Ellie is his mate but Ellie does not like him at first.


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This pack name Ellie is a bit ugly and weak for a werewolf and a bit obsessive about Bran who rejected her. After being rejected, she is not broken and lets others walk all over her. She is strong to face the world on her own. Then the Lycan Prince, Reagan, asks her to be his mate but she doesn’t feel any sparks.


Brad is Alpha Benson’s son, trendy at school, and is with Stacy. Stacy is a werewolf candidate who is just as famous and influential as she is. Everyone thinks Brad is strong enough to become an alpha in the future. He rejects Ellie as his mate and chooses another she-wolf.

Ellie’s friends

Ellie’s best friend Lana is the name that usually stays silent at events, and we can say that she is Ellie’s only friend. Roommates. Lana’s friend Gina is generally unpopular.

The main plot of Prince Reagan By Sky Angel

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The book’s story is set among a group of high school students. Ellie is a poor girl who isn’t very popular at school and doesn’t consider herself pretty. She is in love with Brad and always wants to be noticed by him. On the other hand, Brad is a popular schoolboy and a powerful werewolf. Unlike Brad, Ellie is one of the weakest werewolves in the pack. He is also seen as the future Alpha as Brad Alpha Benson’s son.

In the book, we see Brad’s father as Alpha. It is still not decided who will be the Alpha after him. Many people think that Brad should be the Alpha. On the other hand, Ellie has a few events that will later turn her off from Brad. Just as his interest in Brad wanes, Prince Reagan appears. With the arrival of Prince, we find ourselves at the beginning of a great love story. The sequence of events between Prince, Ellie, and Brad begins here.

Writing Style Of The Book

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The writing style of the book is really beautiful. The book is mainly based on dialogues. The descriptions are on point and concise. The events are explained in a very descriptive way with short passages and paragraphs instead of long paragraphs. The simple writing language of the book is one of the details that make it unique and beautiful. Because the events happen very quickly in the book, the writing style saves you from getting lost in the descriptions.

Sky Angel did a great job on her first professional novel. The narrative and writing styles of the book are in a way that the young audience can easily understand. There are excellent descriptions in the book where necessary. However, these descriptions are not too long. That’s a good thing because the book is more focused on dialogue. If the descriptions get too long, the flow between the dialogues can also be interrupted. The writing style of the book is generally successful.

Merits Of The Book

One of the values described in this book is loyalty and devotion. You know how important loyalty is among wolves. Wolves are a rare species in nature. Because wolves are monogamous, there aren’t many monogamous animals in nature. One of the greatest values in the book is the importance of trusting someone and being loyal to them. At the same time, the characters fighting for their love are one of the themes the book tries to convey.

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This is excellent stuff. Because you can read the first nine chapters of this book, which has been read nearly six million times, on Dreame for free. Reading a Prince Reagan full novel requires a certain fee, but it’s a price to pay for such a great and one of the most read books. Only the first nine chapters of Prince Reagan novel free Dreame can be read. You can read the book from the link below.

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Sky Angel’s Other Books

After a long wait after signing a significant break with Prince Reagan, Sky Angel delighted his fans with his book “The Lycan Prince’s Huntress.” This book is a prequel version of Prince Reagan. A must-read for Prince Reagan fans. The last book released by Sky Angel is Tempting Jocelyn. Another book that tells a fantastic love story. It is written in a language that young girls will particularly enjoy.

Read the books of Sky Angel on Dreame


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