Best Romance Book Review: Love Comes After Hate Full Story


A beautiful and passionate book in all regards, love comes after hate tells a story that most of us are already familiar with. But there is something else that it does, it tells it better. Love comes after Hate is the kind of book you need to get you through a tough time, for it will fill you with lots of emotions that could make cry.

Skepticism was the first thing I embraced when I was first exposed to this book. I was not sure how I would find it intriguing, for I was already familiar with the storyline. However, as I began to go deeper, I realized that there were a lot of things about life that I did not know until then and love after hate full story made it possible for me to know those things.

In search of similar warmth, I went into dreams to find books that would guvebke the same thrill and vibe. It did take a while, however, I was able to find a suitable story that gave me a similar experience with love after hate. For the sake of this article, I have reviewed that story for you.

Have you been intrigued by love after hate? Check out the recommended book below!

Part 1: Synopsis of Love Comes After Hate Full Story

love comes after hate synopsis

In Sasha’s heart, Blake is a perfect man, handsome, rich, and considerate. But such a man who loves her also has an affair with other women. It turns out that everyone around Sasha knew that Blake is cheating. She is the only one who has been kept in the dark. Sasha doesn’t know whether to continue this marriage. Seven years of love, does it end from now on?

Part 2: Main Character Of Love Comes After Hate Full Story

Sasha: love comes after hate full story

Sasha is portrayed to be calm, sensitive, perfect, beautiful, and a rare gem. She spent the better part of her marriage with a man who did not regard her love for him. Sasha had been living a lie, being deceived by the lies he told her from time to time and being cornered into self-doubt in the process.

When she learns of her husband’s affair, Sasha does not know what to do. She is dragged into a sea of dilemma, confused about whether to leave her marriage or still stay behind to find something to hold on to. However, that is a question that only she has the answer to! But she is strong. She is a good woman with brains and she did not hesitate to use her resources to start investing.

As she was apparently Able to see beyond the eyes of the liar’s husband, her eyes opened to the truth of the world.

Part 3: Selected Chapters From Love Comes After Hate Full Story

Chapter one

The beginning of the well-obvious lies. Sasha trusted her husband so much that she did not think anything could ever break them apart. But there is something she miscalculated and that was the fact that not even her husband could be trusted as she trusted him.

Sasha begins to receive weird messages and gift boxes from a woman who was her husband’s lover. When she confronted her Husband about it, he simply told her that they were threats sent by his competitors to ruin him. And of course, she believed him. How could she not? He was charming and seemly perfect on the outside.

As soon as Sasha realizes that she had been the fool all this time, the game changes and she suddenly starts brewing a good little plan in her mind. She didn’t want to stress herself, and like the queen she is, she did not. She had seen her husband with a naked woman during a video call session. There was no way he could deny that!

Chapter two

Love comes after hate

She decided to confront her husband again. She had every right to do so but there was something that happened. He staged a performance just to deceive her further.

She begins to realize the actual depth of the horror her husband had subjected her to and she just could not fathom how terrible it was. But she wanted revenge and if she needed to have that, then she had to use her head.

She takes her sister out shopping. She cannot get over the betrayal even by her own blood sister. It pains her so much but she is on a mission and she has to be strong.

Part 4: Synopsis of Her Revenge For the Divorce-Similar Book to Love After Hate

Her revenge for the divorce full story

Lina had a hard life. Her father hated her for being born. Her mother died at her birth and he made her marry Jack Adams that always listens to his mother Penelope Adams when Penelope makes her husband, who Lina loved a lot, made his son divorce her for Angela Summers. She was heartbroken and Lina is out on revenge.

She goes to a club that night and sleeps with a stranger she does know. Ten years she is back successful and destroying her ex-husband and his family. But whose son is the little boy and girl beside her? Are they Jack’s or the stranger she slept with? The twins are clever and sweet and love their mommy.

Markus Green is a billionaire he is not married but engaged to a woman called Jackie O’Conner. Can he marry a woman he does not love? Can he forget the woman he slept with nine years ago? Did he give his seed and heart away that night? He has been looking for her for years. Markus is a dangerous man he makes his money legally but also he does not like competition. So when the new telecommunications opens in town he is angry as they are sinking his partners the Adams Family and he just invested his money in the company as they were the most successful telecommunications company in town. Until this woman comes to rune it all.

Part 5: Concluding Remarks

I just could not put these books down and honestly, I think you should try them. The perfection in them is exhilarating, and if you appreciate good Romance then these books are for you.

How would I score them? Both books are 4/5. That’s a pretty good score, isn’t it?

So have fun reading and do not forget to share with someone out there! You can find the link to the book in Dreame below.

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