Most Intriguing Romance Book Review: Stomp On You With Our Babies Full Story


A powerful book that would make you think twice about life itself, and stomp on your broken heart with our babies exceeded my expectations in many ways. Stomp on your bike heart with our baby’s full story is a book that is capable of intriguing the breathing intrigued out of you while making it possible for you to remind in full shock over what is actually going on.

I must admit that I was not overly interested in stomp on Your Broken heart with our baby’s full story when I first read it. I thought it was predictable, and being predictable removed the thrill I could have gotten. However, as I progressed in what I was reading, I was soon reminded that I should never judge a book by its cover!

Stomping on your broken heart with our baby’s full story managed to surprise me in the end. Because of this, I set out to look for similar books on Dreame to entertain myself with. And guess what? I found a good one! If you have been intrigued by stomping on your broken heart with our baby’s full story, then check out the recommended book below!

Part 1: Hot Synopsis Of Stomp On Your Broken Heart With Our Babies Full Story

Bonnie Morgan loved Sebastian Grant for ten years, but it’s not until she’s giving birth to her babies, she found herself just a substitute for his ex-love Bella Jones stole Bonnie’s babies and set fire to kill Bonnie Five years later, Bonnie came back as a designer, Annie, with three

cute babies and the determination to revenge She did destroy Bella She thought she could kill Sebastian as she’d planned and dance with her kids beside Sebastian’s grave for they could live a happy life with his legacy, billions of dollars Andrew: Mommy, I’ll get an international MVP

title in this round to cheer for your good revenge! Lukas: Mommy, you just have to dress up nicely, and I will make money for you! Erika: Oops! Mommy, you are in poor luck today, especially luck about love After hearing Erika’s words, Sebastian appeared, leaning over and whispering to Bonnie, “I heard you go around telling people that I m dead?”

Part 2: Main Character Of Stomp On Your Broken Heart With Our Babies Full Story

1. Bonnie Morgan

Bonnie Morgan: Stomp on your broken heart full story

Bonnie lived a lie for a very long time. She was married to a man that did not regard her fully and did not give his love to her. Bonnie had been staying In a sham of a marriage and when she discovered that she was just a substitute wife for her husband’s actual lover, she immediately divorced him.

But then, she came back to exert revenge on those who had wronged her. Bonnie, now a top designer, used the power within her resources to deal with those who had made a fool of her. But how does she manage the old ties and strings that still keep her attached to the shadows of her past? Does she do a good job or does it all fall apart?

Part 3: Hot Chapters From Stomp On Your Broken Heart With Our Babies Full Story

Chapter one

Having been in love with Sebastian for twelve years, Bonnie knew as much about him as she did about herself, and was certain that it was Sebastian’s voice. Did Sebastian just say she should have died already? A shiver ran down Bonnie’s spine. Tears streamed down her face, and she could taste the blood in her mouth.

Somehow, she thought of that night when Sebastian whispered in her ear in the darkness, “If you get pregnant, give birth to it, and I’ll bring it up!”

This chapter begins in a hospital scene where we find our main character conflicted in labor. She is about to have a baby and the position is breech. A decision must be made and the doctors request that her family should be sought.

Bonnie had been enduring a painful marriage. She had hoped that someday, the man she was married to would finally get to see her and love her as she deserved. However, what she saw in the hospital proved her wrong.

He was getting married to someone else and he did not even bother to stop by and see how she was doing! Bonnie felt her heartbreak when she learns of the truth and more than ever, she is determined to survive and revenge on those who stomped on her.

Chapter Two

Stomp on your Broken heart with our babies

Five years ago, Bonnie had narrowly escaped that fire. Fortunately, she was helped by some kind people and found another three fraternal triplets left in her womb unexpectedly. After that, she went abroad, had cosmetic surgery, and passed under the name of Annie, bringing up the three kids alone.

And today, she finally came back to Williston. She came back for one thing, which was to take back the two babies taken by Bella and Sebastian! So much injustice had been done to her and Bonnie was back bigger and better. She wanted revenge. She craved it and she was not going to stop until she got what she wanted.

Part 4: Hot Synopsis Of Seven Days Before Divorce-Similar Book To Stomp On Your Broken Heart With Our Babies Full Story

Seven days before Divorce

The reason why Stela wanted Cirrus to stay with her was that she wanted to get pregnant so that her son, who was seriously ill, would be saved. However, Cirrus had no idea that he and Stela had a son.

Five years ago, Cirrus’ parents were killed in a car accident and he firmly believed that it was Stela and her parents who schemed to murder his parents. Therefore, he hated Stela’s guts. Heartbroken and desperate, Stela had no choice but to leave him.

Years later, just as she decided to come back to Cirrus, she found that Cirrus had already had a new girlfriend. Stela loved Cirrus so much that she gave him everything she had. Yet, Cirrus just assumed that Stela was cunning by seeking attention from him like that.

It was not until one day when Cirrus found that Stela had cancer and had born him two children and that it was someone else who murdered his parents, that he was deeply sorry and regretful.

Part 5: Concluding Remarks

The books can come off a bit slow at first, but you will quickly adjust. They’re good and you will enjoy them. I would recommend both books any day! So have fun reading.

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