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In the Shadow of the CEO- Introduction

In the Shadow Of CEO is a boss-employee romance that circled around two opposite personalities bonded by fate and chances. It was not an ordinary type of story about a rich guy meeting a poor girl, I could say that this one promised so much more than that. Knowing it was written in the third person POV, the readers were able to notice each side’s sentiments.

Consisting of 97 amazingly written chapters, this novel really had a lot to offer. From the author’s storytelling technique and how the plot was developed, there was no confusion given by the scenes. Well, when it comes to the narratives, it was created flawlessly with witty and humorous banters. There was a whole lot of excitement and thrilling cliffhangers as the story went on.

Mana Sol gave enough justice for the characters and how their lives turned 360 degrees because of falling in love. The way it was developed gave me a lot more motivation to reach the very last page of the book. Moreover, there were no dull moments in it as far as I could recall.

An explosive chemistry boomed between the main characters and I could say there was a supercouple. Although they started with bad impressions, it was still a wonderful roller-coaster ride for both. The romantic relationship did not bud right away, making the slow-burn effect make sense. A great deal of emotion hit me to the core and finishing all of the chapters got me no regrets at all.

It was good and easy to read. This gem also reaffirmed the idea that no matter how life treats you hard, there was always a time when you can leave all the past behind and start anew. That everything might happen in the most unexpected ways.

Part 1: Luxurious Characters and Highlights of In the Shadow of the CEO

In the Shadow of the CEO- Part 1 Background and Characters

Atlas Greyson is a wealthy and handsome guy who happened to be the CEO of Pandora Lights Agency. The outrageously hot man unexpectedly fell in love with an ordinary employee named Jia Moon. But wait, hold it right there, things did not go easily just like that. Let us have a little fast-forward.

So, the story started in La Dolce Vita, a prestigious place in Manhattan, New York City where only the rich and famous dine and relax. It was a beautiful Wednesday night, well for the guest but for a server like Jia, it was indeed an exhausting shift, one hell of a night to be exact. Knowing that she had to clean and fix everything after so many people enjoyed the event.

What happened that night was a total disaster, she unintentionally spilled the wine which made her boss, Richard went furious. Jia received such mistreatment but in the middle of the commotion, a man came to save her.

Well, it was none other than her love interest, Atlas whom she already met about six months ago while she was begging him to give her a job. Yet, it seemed that he already forgot about that part and wanted to call the police so Jia could be safe.

However, Jia refused, knowing that she had also a lot of unpaid debts and taxes which could be charged against her if she put her boss in prison. The two argued for a moment but eventually, atlas agreed to her request. In return, Jia had to work for him from that moment on.

In the Shadow of the CEO- Setting

This lovely young woman was the breadwinner of the family. She was living with her two siblings, Jisu and Jini and because her parents already passed away, she had to work very hard and hustle for them to survive. So, the next day, she went to Atlas’ company to apply for a job.

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Part 2: Lit Up Your Life In the Shadow of the CEO

In the Shadow of the CEO- Part 2 The Most Exciting Plot

As In the Shadow of the CEO went breathtaking, Jia was interrogated by Atlas about why she was applying to his company.

With that, she was confused and a bit impatient, thinking why he still had to ask when he was the one who gave the condition. But she was wrong as he was pertaining to her job application six months ago. From then on the friction between them already started.

Although she wanted to work as a custodian, Atlas purposely gave her work under his assistant, Lydia. He was so particular about rules and because of his stern personality, he tends to get irritated whenever his requests were not followed his way.

Atlas might have helped her but in Jia’s eyes, it was like a punishment. But with the tension that was built between them, a profound connection was created. Until it came to a point that Atlas and Jia were brought together by true love and deep desire.

Part 3: A Love To Last | In the Shadow of the CEO

In the Shadow of the CEO- Summary

The Shadow Of The CEO was indeed a wild ride with a hint of touching elements at the end. Atlas became her knight in shining armor while Jia stood up with him like a guardian angel.

The difference might give them problems throughout their relationship, but it was an essential part of why the two fell in love with each other. At some point I could put myself in their shoes, their characters had flaws and it only made the story more realistic. All in all, I was satisfied and have never been disappointed!

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