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Cheers to Comeuppance is a fiction book that showcases the ultimate revenge by the kick-ass heroine who finds her husband cheating on her after eleven years together.

The unique alluring story Cheers to Comeuppance by Eunie, the best-selling author of Dreame is currently ranking highly on the platform as it holds key tags such as revenge, billionaire, strong to weak, and cheating.

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Cheers to comeuppance follow around the character Annika who sets out a revenge plan after finding out her husband is having an affair behind her back. She does just want to divorce the cheater instead she wants to pay him back by exposing his affair to the world.

Part 1: Storyline of cheers to comeuppance

cheers to comeuppance book

Cheers to Comeuppance by Eunie follows the life of Annika Hollands who thinks her life is perfect. She is married to her high school sweetheart named Jeff even though her parents were opposed to the idea of marriage.

The young couple agreed to wait on having children until they graduated and had their careers considering how going they were.

Now Annika is a doctor and has her practice in family health while Jeff went on to become a powerful Defense Attorney.

Annika believed that her marriage was great and trusted her husband while she stayed loyal to him. Now after eleven years together Annika through a friend finds out that Jeff is cheating on her.

Even though Annika doesn’t believe her friend, she follows Jeff to find the truth. To utter her utter shock Jeff has been cheating on her for sixteen months while she was waiting for her husband to come back home.

Annika is heartbroken to realize how her marriage had crumbled. She wants to find her husband’s mistress and then expose the affair to the public to shame them in front of the whole world.

cheers to comeuppance Revenge story

Annika wants revenge after devoting eleven years of her life to a man who took her for granted and didn’t think twice to throw away the marriage they had built together.

With the help of her friend Kenzie and her husband Hunter who is a divorce lawyer, Annika sets out to take revenge on her husband. She learns that Jeff is having an affair with Sadie who was double timing with her cheating husband and Leon who regrets his marriage to Sadie.

Annika meeting Leon changes her plans because Leon is a powerful businessman who knows how it feels to be betrayed by their spouse and he decides to help her.

When Annika finds out that Sadie is pregnant with Jeff’s child, her revenge starts.

While she is set out to take revenge on Jeff, her heart is falling for Leon who is not only handsome but kind and compassionate.

Check out cheers to comeuppance to know more about Annika and how she navigated her life through the odds and stands on her whole like a real queen.

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Part 2: Free Chapters from cheers to comeuppance

Can’t wait to start reading Cheers to comeuppance? Well, we got you covered with these free chapters. Check them out.

Cheers to Comeuppance free chapter 1

cheers to comeuppance cheating husband

Cheers to comeuppance begin with Annika and Jeff who are married for seven years and had been together for eleven years together. But not even once Annika had thought she would be following her husband without his knowledge.

They were high school sweethearts who eloped to get married because their parents were against their marriage. Even though everybody warned them to wait they didn’t listen. Young and in love they wanted to take the plunge.

Now Annika had found that Jeff was cheating on her after her best friend informed Annika that she had seen her husband making out with another woman.

Even though she didn’t believe her friend, the photos which were sent to her as proof were enough to create the tidal wave of emotions that crumbled Annika.

Cheers to Comeuppance free chapter 2

cheers to comeuppance free chapters

Cheers to comeuppance follow the life of Annika who first wants to find the woman her husband Jeff was cheating with. It didn’t matter who had initiated this affair, because Annika wanted to find the lady who was a low life to get involved with her married husband.

With her husband being the D., this affair would be a scandal if exposed and even though it seemed pretty Annika wanted that. She wanted the world to know about the people who had betrayed her.

And when it came to her husband, the man whom Annika had given her eleven years of life he wasn’t going to get away with cheating on her. Annika wanted to teach him a lesson, torture him first before his scandal gets exposed.

She wanted to hit the place it would hurt him the most.

Annika contacted Hunter her friend Kenzie’s husband knowing divorce was a part of the plan and not the plan. First, she wanted to find the identity of the girl who was sleeping with her husband so she could use this evidence of her husband’s infidelity as leverage against him.

It was time for her payback. Because cheaters can’t escape, not this easily.

Cheers to Comeuppance free chapter 4

cheers to comeuppance best fiction

Cheers to comeuppance revolve around Sadie who is the woman Jeff was having an affair with. She had been married to Leon but got divorced because she was too selfish to be in a marriage.

Even though her parents had advised her not to go out this soon after her divorce considering it would taint her reputation in the public Sadie didn’t stop.

She knew Jeff was married to Annika and how long they had been together. Now not only she was being a homewrecker but she was also six weeks pregnant with Jeff’s child as she hoped that he would leave his wife for her.

Where does this kind of lowlife woman come from? While Annika with the help of Hunter was lying about her course of action to get back against Jeff. It was a time before she would start her revenge plan.

Cheers to Comeuppance free chapter 5

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In Cheers to comeuppance, we see how Kenize didn’t understand why her friend Annika was letting her husband walk all over her over a Barbie wannabee. Annika came from a rich background, she was a real-life princess kind who had to hide her identity to be with Jeff.

Annika was clear, she could use her family background to ruin Jeff. But she didn’t want that.

Instead, she wanted to take everything from Jeff. His pride, his dignity, and his worth in public. It had been sixteen months since Annika and Jeff had gotten intimate together.

While she believed her husband to be having late-night meetings or work calls, her husband was having an affair with Sadie.

And now finally Annika knew that Sadie was the woman Jeff was seeing. She also knew Sadie was pregnant with Jeff’s child.

This is where the rise of our strong-willed queen begins.

Cheers to Comeuppance free chapter 8

cheers to comeuppance comeback story

Cheers to comeuppance’s male lead, the powerful businessman Leon wanted to know more about Annika the women who were so gorgeous but held anger behind her alluring eyes.

He found out that Annika was trying to investigate Sadie and that she is Jeff’s wife. He couldn’t understand how a smart woman like Annika didn’t find her husband’s infidelity any sooner.

When Annika met Leon, as her patient she couldn’t believe how good-looking he was. Sadie did a two-timing with this gorgeous man and her low-class husband.

cheers to comeuppance happy ending

While Kenzie thought this was a great idea for Annika to get together with a handsome man like Leon. Because why not?

Cheers to comeuppance is a must-read novel if you love a second chance in life after being betrayed. Getting cheated on sucks, to say the least, but it would be a great read to see how the cheaters will get their payback.

Check out Cheers to comeuppance to read more.


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