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In the Unscentable novel, Piper Whitlock was different among the pack members, and probably anyone from the entire werewolf world. She was considered an outcast since she was 10 and her parents died against the rogue’s attack.

She doesn’t have a unique scent of her own, not even green or yellow eyes. Just normal black. Because of her different attributes in Unscentable, Piper knows her mate will not be able to scent her even if he turned the right age to be mated.

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That’s exactly what happened in the Unscentable book. At 18 years old, Piper knew her mate was his Alpha. But because of her rare condition, Piper suffered in pain while her mate couldn’t smell her. She couldn’t reveal she was the Alpha’s mate without proof from himself. He must scent her, and Piper knows that’s not going to happen.


So when she turns 21, she breaks the bond with her fated mate, believing it would be the best decision for both of them—without knowing who her mate really is in Unscentable.

Mateless, Piper lived among the humans to survive on her own and states away from her pack in Montana, without knowing what happened to the mate she rejected.

Alpha Bradley Drake of Black Haven Pack was Piper’s mate in Unscentable by Jennifer Francis. He was rejected as a mate, as an Alpha, and by his pack, by Piper but he didn’t know about it until it was time. He was utterly in shock to feel the pain of rejection from a mate he hadn’t even met or known. He couldn’t scent her, and after the cruel rejection, there was no way to find out who it could be and why.

Part 1. Free Chapters of Unscentable

Unscentable Free Chapters

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Unscentable: Prologue

For 3 years in Unscentable, Piper had endured the pain of his mate not recognizing him. Every time Alpha Bradley ignores her, her heart breaks because of the bond between them. Yet, she couldn’t blame him. She has no scent. There was no trace of her existence. During those years, Piper suffered in pain all while secretly sniffing the scent of Alpha Bradley.

But that’s all she could ever do until she decided it was time to leave the pack. Before that, Piper spoiled herself one last chance to sneak into her mate’s bedroom when Bradley left. She fell asleep on his bed enjoying his scent and woke up when Bradley returned.

In Unscentable, since he couldn’t scent her, Bradley had no idea of the other presence in his room. It was when he lay in bed and touched her that he knew.

It was a hot intimate night between them in this chapter of Unscentable novel. Piper willingly gave herself to the mate who couldn’t recognize her. She rejected him while he was knocked down on his bed and after running away from the pack’s territory, Piper also rejected Alpha Bradley and the Black Haven pack as her Alpha and pack, officially making herself a rogue.

Unscentable Book Chapters

Unscentable: Chapter 1

Eight years later in Unscentable,bPiper ended up in Portland with her son. Since she makes dresses, Piper makes a living in the human world as a dressmaker with her own bridal shop, the Goddess’ Gowns.

Then members of her old pack came to her store. They entered the store with a woman in search of something to wear for the Luna Ceremony. Piper knew it was for Bradley’s Luna.

Piper avoided them, asking her store manager Izzy to attend to them but the Beta of her old pack, Cooper, walked to her office asking her to make a customized gown for Hadley, a red-headed woman, in Unscentable.

Though Piper refused this request in the Unscentable novel, Cooper insisted and brought Hadley into the room. The woman specifically chose the old gown design Piper imagined she would use in her own wedding had Bradley scented her. Frustrated, Piper tore the paper and demanded them out of the head office.

After that, Piper left the store to pick up her seven-year-old son from his school and they planned a holiday vacation during the long weekend in the following chapters of Unscentable by Jennifer Francis book.

Unscentable by Jennifer Francis Novel

Unscentable: Chapter 2

Everything was ready for their vacation and their stuff was at the store. Her son was excited about it. Also, it had been 3 days since he last met Cooper and Piper thought the woman, Hadley, probably looked for some store for her dress.

But one Friday midday in Unscentable, at her studio, someone banged against the door angrily calling Piper’s name. She thought it was the client’s father after the dress fitting had been delayed for the next weekend. However, when he opened the door, the presence of Bradley startled him with Hadley, his mate, demanding yet again she makes the dress for the woman.

Piper continued to refuse. Hadley’s hands were on his arm and her sweet call of his name as she whispered something caused Piper pain. Piper left them.

Jennifer Francis Unscentable

Izzy called telling me the couple was gone. When she returned, Izzy had questions for her as she was worried. They had worked for 6 years and Izzy hardly knew a thing about Piper.

Then she went to pick up her son, Brandon and went to the airport for their trip. After leaving Brandon in their hotel room, in Unscentable novel, Piper went to the bar for a drink, but she scented many wolves and ruined her night. She said something about the dog’s scent and a woman from the group was mad at her. But Piper just left them.

Waiting at the elevator of this chapter in Unscentable, a girl recognized her as Piper Harper, the owner of Goddess Gown. She was with her Alpha father so Piper concluded there was a meeting among werewolves in the hotel.

Unscentable: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Unscentable is in Bradley’s point of view before he went to the Goddess Gown store and we learned that Hadley was not his mate, but a younger sister, the daughter of his father’s second chance mate.

Unscentable Jennifer Francis Book

Bradley and Cooper talked about how different Piper was and how they could not scent anything from her. Cooper believed she was human yet had no human scent. She’s his unscentable mate after all.

Before going to the store, Bradley went to Renee’s boutique where Piper worked while she was in their pack, and asked about the gown but there was only one made before it was removed from their catalog.

As he headed to his flight, Bradley left his position for the meantime to his brother, Hendrix, who was actually Hadley’s mate. He also talked to Hadley and let her know the gown was old seasoned but she was persistent to have that gown only Piper Harper can make. Hadley came with her and Bradley guaranteed her she would get her dress.

Upon meeting Piper, Bradley knew she was a wolf but unscentable. Piper was not afraid of him, she was in a lot of pain at the sight of him. Talking about the experience in the car with Hadley and Cooper, Bradley remembered the pain he felt 8 years ago.

It was the worst pain he ever felt in the Unscentable book that the doctor had to sedate him and his wolf Benson was not able to recover from it.

Unscentable: Chapter 4

Unscentable Novel

Piper had a dream of Bradley. She woke up crying and recalled her days in her old pack as an unscentable she-wolf. She asked her wolf Harper if it wanted to run but it said no. She hasn’t shifted for a long time and her wolf seemed to be distant to her since she left the pack.

There’s not much about this chapter of Unscentable. Just Piper’s monologue and some details about werewolves. Like how a blooded wolf child was born earlier. About 5 to 7 months, unlike humans. The same thing with her son Brandon, who was born at the right time.

Also, she mentioned how rogues could survive on their own as she and her son did in Unscentable book.

Unscentable: Chapter 5

Unscentable Dreame

At 8 am, her son came to her room, smiling. He was excited about their first activity, which is going to the slope for snowboarding and taking pictures. It’s another chapter filled with monologues, Piper imagined her son once he grew much older, or if he would be unscentable like her. He could join the track and field.

She thought of making him join some sports and activities where he could let his wolf energy out and divert his attention from instinct to hunting. Piper also thought of training him since she had knowledge about physical training as early as 10 years old. She was a warrior to her pack anyway—an unscentable warrior.

She even dreamed of becoming an elite warrior rank had her life taken a drastic turn. During shopping, Piper met the woman from the hotel bar again. The woman purposely bumped at her and called her a bitch and Brandon protected his mom by kicking the she-wolf.

He was already frustrated with the people bumping against his mom because she was unscentable as if they could not see her but his mom would do nothing about it.

Unscentable Jennifer Francis

Going back to the hotel, Brandon asked why the woman’s eye color changed. Then they talked about mythical creatures as Piper’s way of preparing her son for the truth about his identity. At the elevator, they met the Alpha and his daughter from the other day again and Brandon confirmed they were not humans.

Piper then introduced Brandon to Harper as he learned more about their nature in the book Unscentable by Jennifer Francis.

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