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Becoming Alpha’s Caretaker is a story of betrayal, second chances, a strong heroine, and a steamy-filled romance. The adventure of the doctor heroine and her strong Alpha who became her patient was perfect for those who want something lighthearted and fun.

We got this book, Becoming Alpha’s Caretaker, and its free chapter in this review because we know how much you love werewolf romance books!

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Part 1. Main Storyline of Becoming Alpha’s Personal CaretakerBecoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker


Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker follows the story of Dr. Lauren, a doctor who lives in town with her family. In the opening chapter, Lauren finds out that her fiancé, Michael, from the Lunarko Tribe, had an affair with her stepsister, Janice.

The problem was that Lauren’s father”the Alpha of the Fullmoon Tribe” was on her stepsister’s side. He told her to cancel the engagement so his cheating fiance and evil stepsister could get married.

The heroine couldn’t stand by and watch her sister marry Michael after his betrayal. Lauren left home in anger but met a wolf named Victor, who was also betrayed like she was by someone he trusted. Victor was left injured after the attack against the Dark Enchantress.

This is the start of Lauren’s life of becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker. She helps him regain his strength, so he can walk again until he gets better. They both learn that they aren’t quite as bad as they thought each other was.

This is where their stories begin to intertwine in Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker novel, where they will soon realize that they’re both looking for love and freedom from their pasts.

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Part 2: Free chapters from Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker

Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 1

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker Novel

The intense chapter of Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker novel starts with Lauren catching her fiancé and stepsister in the act of betrayal against her. Lauren knew Janice planned this and even wanted her to witness it. Yet, instead of barging into the room, she stopped at the door for a cigarette, which is strictly prohibited inside the Blanco family.

She listened to them and their conversation. Michael said she was forced into their engagement by his father and added that he wanted Janice to be his Luna, not Lauren.

Then Janice broke the news that she was pregnant, and they both hoped it was a healthy heir. It was because Michael thought Lauren’s wolf, Bella was weak. Little did he know, Lauren had been keeping about her wolf’s ability to heal.

Truth be told in Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker novel, Lauren wasn’t hurt by the betrayal. If anything, she was pissed that Janice had taken something from her yet again. When it was time, that’s when Lauren walked in and warned Michael she’d tell his father. At this time, she had already mind-linked her father, Manuel, who came with her stepmother, Lola.

To Lauren’s surprise and disappointment, her father was aware of the cheating incident.

Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 2

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker Chapter 2

Considering how Manuel loved Janice more than Lauren, his decision to tolerate the cheating was not surprising” and his plan was to end the engagement between Lauren and Michael and make the union between Janice and Michael instead since the stepsister was pregnant.

At first, Lauren disagrees. She didn’t want to give them satisfaction. She’d rather have Janice as the mistress in their relationship like her mother. She even threatened she’d spill the news to the other tribes knowing how this would affect the coming bond between the Lunarko and Fullmoon Tribe” through her and Michael’s wedding, not with Janice.

Lauren told them she didn’t care about Michael at all and he should let Alpha Kean know about this matter. When she left the manor, Janice mocked her in a mind-linked way. In her monologue, we learn that Janice’s mother took her own life because of Manuel, and that’s when Lauren never sees his father as a father.

Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 3

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker Chapter 3

Janice was six months younger than Lauren. Her mother found out about her father’s mistress, Lola, when Lauren was eight and committed suicide in shame. Although tragic, Lauren swears she would not like to be her mother.

In Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker novel, Alpha Kean of the Lunarko Tribe turned out to be her mother’s friend, and Lauren knew the Alpha would not tolerate the betrayal against Lauren.

After leaving the hospital, she received a call from the hospital for a VIP patient. When she got there, all the information about the patient was given to her, and as she was checking it, a woman screaming from the VIP room interrupted her. She was screaming at the man Victor to end the engagement.

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker Dreame

A handsome man was sitting in a wheelchair. The couple barely argued, and Victor immediately signed the papers. When she walked into the room, the woman thought Victor was cheating, but Lauren bravely faced her. Victor didn’t dare explain the misunderstanding and demanded his ex-fiancéé, Serena, out.

Then the point of view in this chapter of Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker changed from Lauren to Victor. He was not with Serena; if anything, he expected her to break off the engagement after what happened to him after the fight against the Dark Enchantress. He learned that the gorgeous woman in front of him was his doctor and the reason she helped him was, well, because she had the same fate as him that very day.

Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 4

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker Chapter 4

With their odd similarity, Lauren allowed herself to have a friendly talk with her patient while reminding herself of the danger of the bastards in Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker novel.

Victor was once a powerful Alpha, but now his ability to walk is a small percentage. They were to start with a few physical checkups, and Victor was silent while Lauren did her job. But Lauren noticed one thing, so she checked on it first: whether his injury affected his sexual dysfunctions. She explained the situation to him professionally based on his medical reports.

When she thought it left Victor uncomfortable, the man started teasing her. When she was about to pull down his pants for the first physical test for erectile dysfunction, Victor stopped her. He was suddenly angry and defensive about it, and Lauren didn’t insist and just continued to examine his legs instead.

After that, Bella thought Victor did have sexual dysfunction because of how he reacted. Bella also didn’t feel Victor’s wolf but knew that it wasn’t dead. She and Lauren agreed to heal Victor but not tell him about his healing power.

When Lauren arrived in her office, an unexpected visitor was waiting for her for the next chapter of Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker novel.

Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 5

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker starts with Victor’s point of view, and he is not pleased with how he thought Lauren and her wolf were teasing his condition. He didn’t know what they were talking about, of course. It was just his opinion, and he still didn’t like it.

That evening, with lights off, Victor tried communicating with his wolf, Kent, but to no avail. He needed his wolf to heal faster. Before falling asleep, he saw the test result on his nightstand, saying he probably had sexual dysfunction to his irritation.

Going back to Lauren’s point of view, the woman in her office was Mila, a witch, and hospital administrator, inquiring about Alpha Victor. She told her the Alpha was not disabled. Just needed some time to heal since his wolf somehow disappeared.

Mila showed her the same test result from Victor’s fifteen doctors before her and proceeded to ask her in becoming Alpha’s personal caretaker and private doctor.

Mila knew about the incident between the Lunarko and Fullmoon Tribe. Manuel came to the Lunarko Tribe with Janice, but they did not accept her. Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker was Mila’s proposal to get Lauren inside Victor’s territory while the two tribes were looking for her. No one would search for her Alpha Victor’s pack.

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