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His Luna’s Already A Luna is a werewolf fantasy fiction set in the backdrop of the war between the packs where Lucinda survives and takes shelter with another pack. Years later she finds her mate as well as the alpha who had cruelly destroyed her whole pack.

His Luna’s Already A Luna by Jennifer Francis is a trending romance book that is filled with unique elements such as weak to strong, supernatural, mate bond, hate to love tags with a strong female character.

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Currently ranked in the top list of reader’s favorites, His Luna’s Already A Luna is a fantasy fiction that you shouldn’t miss.

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Part 1: Storyline of His Luna’s Already A Luna

His Luna's Already A Luna book

His Luna’s Already A Luna is one of the trending werewolf romance novels written by Dreame’s best-selling author Jennifer Francis who yet again brings out a new intake on the supernaturals, werewolves, and a passionate love story that will the readers wanting more.

His Luna’s Already A Luna revolves around Lucinda who is a wolf-less girl. When she is eighteen her place is attacked by the invading alpha Darwin who mercilessly destroys everything, Lucinda has ever known.

Eight years later Lucinda and others rescued from her pack have found shelter in another pack for their safety and protection. Lucinda is not an ordinary girl who shredded tears when her pack was getting destroyed, now she has turned into one of the format warriors.

Lucinda has grown strong, an expert in bladed weapons, and finally, at the age of twenty-six, she finds her wolf Kyra who tells Lucinda that they have a mate.

His Luna's Already A Luna story

Second-chance mates are very rare but Lucinda meets Nick, the alpha who happens to be their mate. He’s imposing and he is only interested in making a strong heir together.

But can Lucinda and Kyra find their second chance mate with love and honor? Can Nick gain her trust and find the secrets of her past?

After losing everything including her mate Lucinda is now given a second chance at love and life by the moon goddess but what happens when she comes across the alpha who had destroyed her pack eight years ago?

His Luna’s Already A Luna is such an epic read that kept me wanting more. Jennifer Francis who is one of the best fantasy writers doesn’t disappoint us with His Luna’s Already A Luna.

Part 2: Free Chapters from His Luna’s Already A Luna

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His Luna’s Already A Luna free chapter: Prologue

His Luna's Already A Luna free chapters

His Luna’s Already A Luna begins with Lucinda who witnesses her mate being killed along with the heir to her pack as she holds the twins who are crying out at the spay of her legs, their umbilical cord roughly severed and knotted.

The alpha who was brutally fighting them wanted one thing, her.

Lucinda’s mate was the future alpha and he was dead now which made her crumble to her feet with pain as she could feel her mate bond severed violently.

Alpha Darwin was not backing out, he was invading the pack, killing everyone in the pack. He was ruthless and it was doubted that he would spare anyone.

Luna Felicia was fighting him, not giving up as she had given her just-born twins to Lucinda while she was battling the life-changing war.

His Luna’s Already A Luna free chapter one

His Luna's Already A Luna novel

His Luna’s Already A Luna follows the life of Lucinda. It was eight years after the brutal attack on her pack. Lucinda had grown to be expertly skilled with combat skills that can make her lead any team easily.

But being twenty-six she had not shifted, she believed to be wolf-less. However, her wolf finally howled in her mind.

Her wolf was named Kyra and Lucinda asked her wolf, where she had been all these years.

It was so unlike to not find your wolf after sixteen or even eighteen age. Kyra replied her saying she was waiting for Lucinda to get stronger.

Kyra was angry, waiting for the full moon night. Lucinda felt the heaviness in the back of her head as her wolf claimed her mind, she could sense the dark grey eyes in the back of her mind.

His Luna’s Already A Luna free chapter three

His Luna's Already A Luna romance

His Luna’s Already A Luna shows how Everyone was curious to see the late arrival wolf of Lucinda. It was one of those rare cases that had piqued the interest of the alpha and the pack members.

Lucinda was told that shifting may take up to thirty minutes depending upon the rank and status of the wolf. But it was a whole different case with Kyra who had ripped out of Lucinda in just two minutes.

Kyra howled impressively, she seemed grumpy most of the time sailing her tail side by side. But she had connected to most of the wolves from the lotus pack which was destroyed eight years ago.

Lucinda informed Kyra that their mate was dead but Kyra assured her that they had a mate

But when the unmated wolves tried to approach her, Kyra warned them more likely not letting them anywhere near her knowing their intentions right.

Who was their mate?

His Luna’s Already A Luna free chapter five

 His Luna's Already A Luna by Jennifer Francis

His Luna’s Already A Luna’s Lucinda felt good to be back on their pack land after going with the retrieval team to fight odd the rogue which Kyra did almost without showing any mercy.

It was clear that Kyra wanted a mate however Lucinda was not interested. She had lost her mate Mathew eight years ago and second-chance mates didn’t come often. Lucinda was not interested in finding one either.

Kyra was not interested in any other wolves. She avoided the mating ball, not liking the attention of the unmated wolves. However, it was clear that Kyra was just keen to meet their mate.

His Luna's Already A Luna story online

Lucinda saw the twin playing outside on their own. They knew that they couldn’t be out by themselves. They were eight but barely looked six.

As she settled in Lucinda remembered how the Alpha had considered her to be a man after seeing her right and he had called her Mutt which didn’t sit well with Kyra. But who was this alpha?

Is it possible that he was their mate?

His Luna’s Already A Luna free chapter eleven

His Luna's Already A Luna online

His Luna’s Already A Luna male protagonist Nick was the alpha who was visiting the pack. When Alpha Corey introduced Lucinda to Nick, his handsome smile was washed away.

Nick knew who Lucinda was, of course, he had called her a mutt. But Kyra howled knowing Nick was their mate.

Kyra seemed more annoyed than happy that have finally found their mate. Being luna, they wanted his respect, and the fact that calling her a mutt had not seemed well. It had upset them.

They were away from the pack. Nick had not followed them to retrieve them back or he just didn’t care that they had run away. But his beta was trailing behind them, just sit and watch them.

Kyra had bit Nick’s beta and it seemed like the poor guy was still afraid to be bitten by their future Luna. As Lucinda and Kyra passed by their old pack, they wanted to see

It was their home once upon a time. To their surprise, they saw the wolf shift into a human

His Luna's Already A Luna best Fiction

It was him. The man who had cruelly destroyed their whole pack and taken everything away from them. He stood there, watching Kyra at a distance

Lucinda was angry, the rage was blinding her eyes. The cruel alpha watched Kyra, it had piqued his interest to see how the wolf was starting to dare the alpha which didn’t happen often.

Kyra’s challenge was clear to the alpha. Come and get me.

It was going to be a fight but who was going to win? Now with Kyra, Lucinda was stronger than ever

Kyra was no ordinary wolf, she was different, powerful, and merciless. Was this the time for payback?

Check out His Luna’s Already A Luna to know more about Lucinda and her second chance love with Nick.


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