Let’s Unveil the Mystery of a Werewolf Luna


If you’ve been a werewolf fan for a while, you likely heard of the werewolf Luna.

The term luna translates to “moon” in Latin. It symbolizes the moon’s cycle of change, which somehow relates to the Luna’s cycle of change. There are several explanations for why a female Alpha is called Luna. These include the link between the dominant behavior of a werewolf Luna and the Roman goddess Luna.

Others speculate it has something to do with werewolves transforming during a full moon.

Another idea links the breeding of luna werewolves to the lunar symbolism. The moon depicts the passage of time and life’s cycle. Because the alpha female is the only one who can procreate, she is known as a werewolf Luna. At this point, you’re probably more curious about the Luna. So, we took it ourselves to help you learn all the secrets of a werewolf Luna.

The Role of a Female Alpha In a Werewolf Pack

werewolf luna

The Alpha Female is crucial to every werewolf pack.

Usually, werewolves mate for life. Because they are destined for one werewolf mate, each werewolf’s mate is determined by the Moon Goddess, the god of werewolves.

The main responsibility of a werewolf Luna is to produce offspring. Their children will serve as heirs to the Alpha throne.

The next responsibility of a werewolf Luna is to help the Alpha make important decisions. These include when to go to battle and other diplomatic actions.

For instance, if the Alpha is having a hard time making major decisions, the werewolf Luna must help him make a sensible one.

On top of that, the werewolf Luna serves as the mother figure of the pack. She particularly nurtures the pack and the other females in the pack.

If the Alpha dies, the werewolf Luna typically drops in rank.

It’s because a new wolf will take the spot as the new Alpha. In addition, the werewolf Luna, will be distressed and not fulfill her role.

In summary, the most common responsibilities of the werewolf Luna include mating with the Alpha male to have children, helping the Alpha make major decisions and nurturing the pack, especially the females.

What Is the Rank of a Luna in a Werewolf Pack?

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Luna the werewolf is the Alpha’s mate. As you may well know, the Alpha holds the highest position in a werewolf pack. Given this, the Alpha Female or werewolf Luna holds the highest position a female can hold in a werewolf pack.

In some literature, the female Alpha is just as important as the male Alpha. On top of that, some books see the werewolf Luna as second in rank. The female Alpha also helps the Alpha with his duties. She is also a strong and powerful female werewolf.

However, some books paint the werewolf Luna as a shy, stay-at-home mother only meant to breed. On the other hand, some authors see the werewolf Luna as someone who takes charge and does not follow expectations. This type of werewolf Luna is the best.

How Many Luna Werewolves Are There?

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There’s only one werewolf Luna in every pack. There can’t be more than one, as there is only one male Alpha. Plus, having multiple werewolf Luna mated one Alpha will breed chaos. A Luna werewolf often has to be chosen by the Moon Goddess. In some literature, the Alpha can choose the Alpha Female. However, the female has to choose to be with him, too.

Having one Alpha and one Alpha Female also fosters the well-established pack structure wolves have. Plus, this ensures that there’s only one female producing Alpha children each season.

During this season, the Alpha couple will often become more dominant and aggressive. They will also assert their dominance and authority over the rest of the pack. Specifically, the couple do this to make sure that no one challenges their rank and status.

While every pack can only have one werewolf Luna at a time, they can have multiple Alpha Females. Since werewolves are immortal, it’s possible for them to have many Lunas. For instance, if an Alpha dies, the Luna will likely step down. A new Alpha will ascend, so a new Luna will, too.

The same thing happens if it’s time for an Alpha child to ascend to the throne. When an Alpha cub comes to age, he will replace his Alpha father. Then, he will have to choose his Luna. In some books, ascension to the throne is only possible if the Alpha is mated with a werewolf Luna. Interestingly, some authors use this to make unique storylines between the upcoming Alpha and an often normal female werewolf (such as an Omega, which holds the lowest rank).

How Is a Luna Werewolf Selected? Will They Compete?

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A werewolf Luna is the alpha female of a wolf pack. In a nutshell, she is the counterpart to the Alpha. The Alpha is the highest position in the pack. He is also the strongest. Hence, the Luna holds the highest female position in the pack.

There are three main ways a werewolf Luna gets selected.

For one, there werewolf Luna gets selected by the Moon Goddess alone. The Moon Goddess is the god of the werewolves, so they will follow her without question. If this is the case, the Alpha male will have no choice but to be with the werewolf Luna chosen for him.

Another way is for the Alpha male to choose a werewolf Luna. In this case, the Alpha will go around looking for a potential mate. The Alpha gets to choose a way to determine his mate. This can include a competition of some sort.

Lastly, the werewolf Luna can be chosen by both the Alpha and the potential mate. For instance, the Alpha will determine someone to be his Luna. Then, the female werewolf has to choose the Alpha as well. If both sides do not agree, mating cannot happen. The male Alpha will then have to find another potential Luna.


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