Vampire Bite & Werewolf Bite: Funny Facts You Probably Don’t Know


Books, movies, and TV shows have always pitted vampires and werewolves against each other. With the increasing literature about these creatures, it pays to know how their bites differ.

But is a vampire bite really that different from a werewolf bite? Let’s find out now, shall we? As a bonus, we got more interesting facts about a vampire bite and a werewolf bite.

What Happens if You Get Bitten by Vampire or Werewolf

vampire bite

When a vampire bites a human, the venom gets injected into the victim’s bloodstream. This happens from the vampire’s mouth. If the venom-infected blood isn’t completely drawn away, the human’s heart will pump the venom throughout the circulatory system. This infects every cell it passes through.

The venom will also have saturated all cells within the host over the course of two to three days. During this time, his or her transition into a vampire gets completed. The procedure has been described as slow and excruciating, with the sensation of being burned alive.

On the other hand, to turn into a werewolf, you must be bitten by a werewolf in their wolf form during the full moon. However, when the werewolf’s saliva mixes with the victim’s blood, there will be contamination.

The saliva glands of werewolves create a highly venomous and lethal fluid known as a werewolf bite. The poison is frequently conveyed to vampires as a means of infecting and killing them.

A werewolf bite can also cause a vampire to become rabid. It can also cause hallucinations. The werewolf bite can cause vampires to sometimes lash out violently. If they die, the death becomes extremely slow and painful.

When a werewolf bites a vampire, the poison gets transferred from the werewolf’s mouth to the vampire’s bloodstream. The vampire’s heart will then pump the venom throughout their circulatory system. Once the blood gets tainted by the toxic fluids, the venom will infect every cell in the vampire’s body.

Here’s what’s more interesting though: If a vampire bites werewolf, it does nothing but hurt the werewolf. A werewolf bitten by a vampire can still recover. The same thing applies when a vampire bites neck of a werewolf or two vampires bite a werewolf. The bitten werewolf will only feel pain, but not transform into a vampire.

However, if the vampire gives blood to a werewolf, the werewolf’s DNA will change. This will turn the said werewolf into a hybrid. In a gist, a werewolf bite on a vampire causes more damage than a vampire bite on werewolf.

What Part of the Body Do Vampires and Werewolf Bite?

werewolf bitten

Ample blood flow is provided by the carotid arteries in the neck and the radial arteries in the wrists. Because the common carotid artery separates into two smaller arteries around halfway up, a vampire who bites the neck will get more blood the lower down the bites. However, if a vampire wants the victim to live, they will go for the veins.

You can also see a lot of literature about female vampires biting necks. While there is no universal explanation for this, female vampire biting necks often come from their often less savage nature.

The notion of female vampires biting necks also gives movies and shows a more dramatic effect. It’s worth noting that a female neck bite vampire hurts as much as a male vampire bite.

A werewolf, on the other hand, can pretty much bite humans and vampire anywhere they want. Since werewolves do not drink blood as much as vampires do, they don’t have to bite where there’s much blood flow.

However, in shows like Vampire Diaries, werewolf bite can be on the neck, arm, legs, or stomach. The bite of a werewolf takes a few hours to take effect, whereas the bite of a hybrid takes far less time. It also heals swiftly like most vampire injuries.

However, after a few hours, it develops an unsightly rash. It also causes nausea and exhaustion. The vampire begins to hallucinate the next day (in the cases witnessed, they confuse past and present) and becomes rabid. They attack everyone who comes close in search of blood. They will most likely die from septic shock.

Does It Hurt When You Are Bitten by Vampire or Werewolf?

werewolf bite

A vampire bite and werewolf bite is an extremely painful experience, perhaps the most painful experience a normal person will have. For the victim, a vampire bite can bring pleasure, however. At first, it will be extremely painful, but after a while, it can become pleasurable. That is, if the vampire chooses to bite a human in a certain way.

For instance, when a vampire bites breast, the purpose is often to make the person feel pleasure rather than kill them. On the other hand, a vampire biting woman’s nec often causes pain and death.

Feeding, also known as “the kiss” by vampires, is a seductive and sexual experience for both vampires and their prey. It’s similar to both sex and falling in love. Euphoria paralyzes the victims, stopping them from fleeing and dulling their senses to the surroundings.

On the other hand, a werewolf bite only causes pure pain. There’s no sense of pleasure to it. When a human or vampire gets bitten by a werewolf, they will only experience pain and eventually, death.

How to Cure a Vampire or Werewolf Bite

vampire bites neck

To cure a vampire bite blood and prevent infection, wash the bitten area with soap and water. You must also use a surgical scrub in this situation.

To reduce swelling and vampirism caused by a vampire blood bite, apply a cool compress or a rag soaked in garlic extract to the affected area. In this scenario, any gauze or cloth can work as long as you properly soak it in garlic extract.On the other hand, there’s not a universally know cure for a werewolf bite. However, one famous show gives us a possible cure.

In an episode of Vampire Diaries, werewolf bite can be cured using the blood of an original hybrid. This means that the original hybrid and his descendants can cure a werewolf bite.


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