"The Whole World Seems to Be Falling For My Wife"Book Series:

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    His Perfect Wife


    “That will be five million sixty thousand and fifty-two dollars. How will you like to pay, sir?” I speak with a clear voice, giving them a fake smile. So, you can spend almost six million on your girlfriend, but as your wife, I don’t even have the luxury to ask for only fifty grand. Mr. Rodrigue, you really amazed me. I see him looking at me blankly. Never thought of getting caught, hubby? “Excuse me, sir. How would you like to pay?” I ask, giving him another forced smile. “Babe, credit, right?” Linda asks him this time and with that, he hands me over his card. If it were me, hubby, would you have paid this six million unconditionally? Or would you have humiliated me in the public? I will never forgive you, Austin, for what you have done. Meet Valerie, an orphan who has a fatal disease. She didn’t have the money for treatment, and hence she thought of enjoying her last few years rather than crying over her fate. She made a wish list and one of them was to get married to the man she loved. But she never wanted him to fall for her in return. Why would she? It would only hurt him seeing her dying. Fate brought her the perfect chance when she accidentally met Austin, a cold businessman who hated her for several reasons. Valerie couldn’t resist the charm of this handsome billionaire, and she fell in love. In the end, they were tied in a forced marriage, just the way Valerie wanted. Will Austin fall for his forced wife? Will Valerie die after three years? Will he know about her secrets? To know more, please join the sweet and sour journey of Valerie and Austin. Book 2: Mafia's Forced Love (Free & Ongoing) Please check out Forbidden Soul and Dark Lord's Obsession. Cover made by @Ziellanes Dreame

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    The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife

    Tatienne Richardread473.0KRomance

    Fall for a billionaire- Redeem Ex's Love Mackenna Giordano had been swept off her feet at the age of nineteen by Alessandro, the billionaire CEO of Giordano Fashion House of Milan. In a whirlwind romance, they married after two short weeks. Initially her life was perfect. Then it was not. A year into their marriage, Alessandro hired a new model as the face of the company, a woman who made no efforts to hide she was sleeping with Mackenna's husband. When Mackenna gave Alessandro an ultimatum, her or the other woman, he refused to choose. He seduced Mackenna and left her sleeping in their bed to go dancing with his lover with the tabloids documenting ever moment of the party. With her dignity in tatters, Mackenna ran away to America, knowing the possessive and domineering Italian would never let her go. Five years later, Mackenna is desperate to move on and returns to Italy to file her divorce to begin the next chapter in life, but will Alessandro let her go? Tragedy and the ever-present lover in Alessandro's life break Mackenna's heart a second time. Can Alessandro convince his wife he deserves a second chance and he's not the scoundrel she believes him to be? Will the billionaire playboy husband succeed in winning back his prodigal bride? For the first time, all the balls are in Mackenna's court and she's the one in control. Power is seductive.

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    Deena Yavovestkaread383.7KRomance


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    His Purchased Wife ✓


    *Completed* Ranked No.1 for more than a month. Top 1 in romance. You can reach me on **: Author.Vrinda Spin off: Their Broken Hearts. Don't miss Vrinda's new fabulous story Billionare's Passionate Love Emily, a very kind hearted twenty two year old girl, who has just graduated from the college. She lost her parents at a young age of ten and then she lost her property to her uncle and aunt who now treat her as the maid of the house. As if life hadn’t snatched enough from her, that she lost her only dream when her uncle sold her to be the wife of a heartless man. Emily’s life took a huge turn when she became ‘His Purchased Wife.’ LK in the business world is short for Liam Knight. A Heartthrob king, who has achieved a lot of fame and controversies at a young age of twenty four. An egoistic hunk who will purchase Emily just to satisfy his ego and to take revenge from her. Hiding a big secret from others. Will Emily and Liam fall in love? Why is Emily being purchased by Liam? What’s Liam’s secret? To know the answer, give it a read and follow this book.

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    His Highness's Second Wife

    Scarlett Strangeread311.7KFantasy

    #5th place winner in Royal Romance Contest ‘Reading a book is all fun and games until you end up inside of it.’ After being stabbed in the real world, Lydia Myles wakes up in the body of Lady Raena Magrath, the weak, useless daughter of the Prime Minister of the Etrobia Empire and a fictional character in the worst romance book Lydia has ever read. Raena’s role is to become the insignificant second wife of the Empire’s most renowned warrior, Prince Kassian Etrobia. He is supposed to divorce her when he falls madly in love with the main character of the book — a slave girl from a recently conquered kingdom. Not only that, but both his Imperial brothers are expected to succumb to the charms of the same woman. Lydia’s plan is simple: Get rich. Get divorced. Get far, far away from the main characters and definitely don’t get entangled in their drama. Finally, get out of Etrobia and find some quiet, safe city to live a life of luxury and pleasure before the war that is brewing over the Empire breaks out. It shouldn't be that hard when she already knows what is going to happen, right? There is only one tiny problem. She never finished reading the book. Blood will spill, heads will roll and amid all that, love will blossom — a love powerful enough to destroy all of her plans and put in danger everything and everyone she holds dear.

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    “You can’t resist me. Admit it”, he said to her while looking deep into her eyes. She wanted to resist her desires. He was what she desired all her life. They were looking deeply into each other’s eyes. He had caged her in between her arms and the wall. He leaned over her and there was no gap between their bodies. She whimpered lightly due to the sudden contact with their body. Never in her imagination, he was so close to her. His hot breaths were fanning her face and making her hot. He leaned more and their lips almost brushing each other. He was waiting for her to give in. He wanted her so badly.

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    The Billionaire's Forgotten Wife(The Heiress Love Series)


    Heiress Love Series #1 Ileana was fiercely independent, she craved freedom and she didn't believe in love- atleast that's what she told people. She was wasn't a typical heiress. Oh and one very important thing: She DISPISED Greyson Novak! He had taken away her freedom, the one thing she coveted the most in this world. Her family had forced her to marry him. But she was determined to find a way out of this, she would never submit defeat, not to that ruthless, sexy and arrogant man. Not in this lifetime. Greyson Novak liked control, though the one thing totally out of his control seemed to be his new bride. He had agreed to this marriage for his family's sake and was determined to continue on with his life before, until the women had burst into his office and demand he not go through with the wedding. She was gorgeous, intelligent and delicate- as much as she would hate that- she was perfect for him. Now he just need to convince her that they would work. But how do you convince a girl who has spent her life without love, that giving it a chance would bring her happiness and not pain.

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    The Billionaire's Second Wife


    Ella is a medical student who has lived her whole life being hated by her family members. She takes a drastic step to marry Justin Reynolds, a billionaire when her father and step-mother forbid her from attending college. She thinks her new life would be filled with love and happiness but little did she know that she was going to marry a man who was still hopelessly in love with his dead wife. She accepts her fate, like she had always done and instead of sulking over it, she tries to show love and affection to Bobby, her two year old step-son, who is in desperate need of a mother’s warmth and care. Justin is a broken man who thinks Ella would never be able to love his son like Andrea, his wife did. He strongly believes that a step mother could never replace the child's birth mother however, when he witnesses the bond shared between Bobby and Ella, he feels a mysterious attraction for Ella. Justin and Ella eventually fall in love but only to experience heartbreak once Andrea’s sister, Rachel plots against them. She knows some of the deepest and darkest secrets of her dead sister which she uses against Justin to claim Bobby’s legal custody, forcing him to choose between his wife and son.

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    Obsession With My Forced Wife

    Katherine Zread609.9KRomance

    Recommend my friend's new book “Caught by Her Billionaire Ex-Lover” Ten years ago, an accident caused the Cameron family and the McLean family to break up and become enemies. Ten years later, Lance, the Cameron family's young leader, was told he was going to marry Evelyn, a McLean family girl. "What? Anyone in the world could be my bride, but not a McLean woman. I will NEVER marry that Evelyn." However, when Lance learned that the girl he embraced at the party is his bride, his mind began to change. On the wedding night. He pressed on her and started kissing and touching her as he always long for. Oh, damn, the sensuality makes him unable to stop, he just wanted to release his desire in her body. He slowly kissed her lips and neck, and then came to the breast that heI thirsted for day and night, and bite one and suck it vigorously. What Lance doesn't know is that he lost his heart when he became sexually attracted to Evelyn. He began to care about her feelings and dreams, and he came to see her as a true wife. Lance can't control his love and desire for Evelyn, but the family hatred makes Lance feel guilty. How to choose between love and hatred? How will Lance face his forced wife?

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    His Priceless Blind Wife

    Amber Meleiya 7read197.5KRomance

    "Lola, are you insane?" "No! Blake, help!!! You don't have to come, just call the police for me, please!" She begged desperately. "You know my engagement party is about to begin. We are already divorced. I can't believe you would have found such a lame excuse to keep me from marrying her!" Blake hung up angrily. At the same time, a stranger was getting closer and closer to the blind Lola. "Who are you? What do you want from me?" Lola screamed. “Miss Bowen, you'd better stop struggling. If you make me feel good, I may make your death less painful.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A car accident left Lola blind and bereft of her family. When she was in despair, Blake appeared in her life. She trusted him and married him without hesitation. But three years later when she found out that he was actually a liar and had been taking advantage of her, she asked for a divorce. Blake signed the divorce agreement, but he was confident that Lola would regret it and come back to him one day.