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With a demeanor and facial expression and the heart of the most dreaded being on earth, mafia dark romance books present to you the unattractive and sometimes appealing daring characters which will leave anyone with a second thought of a firsthand experience with such foes.

Truth is that the mafia loves pretty ladies and doesn’t hesitate to lure one into their web when they see such beauty.

They desire many children, but after they’ve made the oath, their devotion is to the Mafia first and the woman second.

The wife of a mafia man gets the bennies, especially if her husband stays out of prison, but the money, the house, and the car, her position in the Mafia world seem to be what the wife settles for while turning a blind eye on him hanging out with the boys.

Part 1: Introduction of the 10 Must-Read mafia dark romance books

Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.1: Of Gods and War – Book 3

Of gods and war - book 3- mafia dark romance books


4.2 out of 5


They had to split up after their marriage ceremony and he had to reflect on the preceding several months of seeing her without Alex in this mafia dark romance book. That was not something she’d want to hear. He wanted her to be able to spend her life with the man who was making her so happy.

That night, she let herself be vulnerable. It stung when she saw him from there on that platform and lied to the whole world. That night, she was devastated. In the end, it turned out that he knew what was going to happen.

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Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.2: His Lost Tribrid

His Lost Tribrid - mafia dark romance books


4.2 out of 5


She was the world’s first Tribrid in a mafia dark romance book. Her life has been in peril since she was born since she is part wolf, vampire, and witch. She had a beautiful life with her lovely people until she was stolen from her beloved family on her tenth birthday by an Elder witch to safeguard the world from a prophecy coming true.

Fast forward in time, Ruby, now a strong woman was pushed back into the human world where a fierce conflict between pure-bloods and hybrids has started, she must learn to negotiate drama, deception, and love to discover where she belongs.

There is one key figure to all this and he is Ezra Black the Blood Moon Pack’s future Alpha and the greatest wolf fighter ever known. He is determined to show his parents that he can lead their army against the hybrid danger and restore peace. But his visions are troubling him. A beautiful woman that haunts his nightmares. His world’s future is dependent on her.

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Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.3: Heart Of A Lycan King

Heart of a Lycan king - mafia dark romance books


4.3 out of 5


In these mafia-dark romance novels, Natasha Maina Gladys is a two-colored Malakari wolf from the realm of Zambelli. Natasha’s life took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that she was cursed and despised by her mate, the Alpha. Things were normal, and all she could feel was love until the appearance of the Lycan king.

She would experience such hatred from the one she saw love in his eyes as part of her destiny to be what the Moon goddess had intended her to be. She was suddenly dragged, and it turned out to be the King. He had bloodshot eyes that were darker than the first time she saw him. He took her out into the now-sweltering heat, straight to the black BMW sitting beside other cars.

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Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.4: Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Falling in love with a one-night stand - mafia dark romance books


4.8 out of 5


Anna rested in the man’s arms, gazing at him fondly in the dark, after intense sex in mafia dark romance novels. The moonlight streaming through the window scared her the next second, and her face became pale.

It was later revealed that the man she had intercourse with was a stranger, not her fiancé. This was going to seem like a dream to her, but to her astonishment, it was true. She was staring at the time, wondering whether she could ever rewrite this mistake.

She stormed out of the room, upset. She also received an SMS from her stepsister on her way home. It wasn’t until later that Anna discovered her stepsister had ditched her for a one-night stand with a stranger. Anna subsequently found out she was pregnant and had to give birth to twins. Her son was taken away, but her baby daughter was left with her.

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Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.5: Enslaved By The Alpha

Enslaved by the alpha - mafia dark romance books


4.9 out of 5


He did the most heinous thing to injure her and cause her pain. He knew seeing him with another woman would kill her within, and the sadistic Alpha Kane was none other than my very own mate. But he did it anyhow because he simply wanted her to be in pain. This emotional assault left such a long trail that she found it difficult to catch her breath most of the time.

All Alpha Kane desired in these mafia dark romance novels was to locate the person responsible for his father Alpha Eric’s murder. He formed a plan to abduct King Jeremy’s daughter and hold her as his slave until he murdered her and put her family in the same sorrow he had suffered after losing his father. What he didn’t expect to find out was that the lady he was planning to abduct and kill was his mate.

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Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.6: CEO’s Unwanted Bride

Ceo's unwanted bride - mafia dark romance books


4.5 out of 5


She was forced to marry a guy she despises. Two distinct individuals from various cultures who are opposites find themselves in one of the finest delectable mafia dark romance novels. However, destiny has bound them together to survive this unwanted connection. Matteo has a traumatic history that has forced him to lose faith in others and his family. His heart has hardened and he is unable to feel.

Anna is deceived by her first love and left irreparably damaged. She is much too sensitive and emotional to deal with it. To avoid further sorrow, she feigned to be callous and unpleasant to everyone. She doesn’t trust any guy enough to offer herself after that occurrence. Her mistrust stemmed from the fact that her partner had deceived her, but what was most upsetting was that he was her first love.

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Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.7: Big, Bold, And Beautiful.

Big, bold, and beautiful - mafia dark romance books


3.9 out of 5


Tracey Holmes’ life has been a rollercoaster ride in mafia dark romance novels. Tracey believed she was meant for higher things despite living in the trenches. When she is unexpectedly hired by a multinational firm, she is irresistibly attracted to Devin Hester, a well-known billionaire, and Casanova. Tracey is prepared to dismiss Devin’s lengthy list of issues.

Aside from being a billionaire, Devin Hester is the alpha of all alphas. He has an idea of what his potential partner should look like; she should be smart, beautiful, and a head-turner. She has a distinct personality; she is someone who can laugh at anything, even herself; and she is very caring and kind to others. She is a woman who recognizes the value of having fun and not taking life too seriously. Learn more about this mafia dark romance novel story.

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Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.8: Mafia king`s precious pregnant wife

Mafia king`s precious pregnant wife- mafia dark romance books


4.5 out of 5


He didn’t care about anything but his love for her that anything which dares to come in between their lives and disturb them will be destroyed, it didn’t matter who it may be. Whoever tries to destroy their happiness will go to hell.

She was meant to be his and he intended to be her so that they can start their own family. She forgot about their two years of love. She made him search for her like a psycho for four years. She still has no idea who he was am.

You will find a merciless beast with a thirst for power in this dark mafia romance book. Nobody was meant to be afraid. Even he is not afraid of death. He is the subterranean world’s ruler. He has a penchant for women.

However, they should only be used once before being discarded. She materialized in front of him, snatching his breath, reviving his mechanical heart, and filling his heart with warmth. The instant she appeared, he became engrossed in the need to own her, making him want for her, and his thoughts race at the prospect of conquering her.

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Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.9: captured by the mafia boss

Captured by the mafia boss- mafia dark romance books


3.9 out of 5


She couldn’t believe her lover was still seeing the man who shot her friend at the club. He had urged him to her the truth but he declined. She appears to have lost the desire to flee already. This was something she should have already known but she didn’t.

Julian has suddenly become the new Mafia leader of his late father’s organization and has just caught his latest submissive, Vivian, a cocktail waitress. When his underboss is assassinated, he wonders whether she is a rat placed to ruin his rule.

They’re now attempting to figure out who committed the crime and who is giving Vivian flowers while still trying to make their relationship work. Vivian has enough faith in Julian to submit to him, what we don’t know is if they will wither like a fading rose. Find more in these dark mafia romance books.

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Mafia Dark Romance Book 1.10: The mafia king

The mafia king -mafia dark romance books


4.0 out of 5


Valerio Robustelli’s sons are Daniele, Gianni, Armani, and Santino Robustelli. Gianni, a well-known businessman in Italy with numerous connections, is slated to take over his father’s firm at the age of twenty-two; the only catch is that he must first find a wife.

That was going to be daunting for him to do in this dark mafia romance book. He has just one female in mind. Alora Valentino, whom he met over eight years ago when they relocated to the United Kingdom, was his first love.

However, owing to family problems, his family was forced to leave and return to Italy. He’s returned to locate her and bring her to Italy for their wedding. He has no concept of his Italian life or his family; to her, they were regular people. Would she realize that he is the Mafia ruler and that their marriage will finalize many business agreements inside the Mafia circle?

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