Top 12 Wonderful Werewolf and Human Romance Books

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There’s always something fascinating with the werewolf and human romance books. Whether it’s centered on forbidden love or conflicts between packs, werewolf and human romance books have a special way of swaying readers’ emotions.

So, if you’re a big fan of werewolf and human romance books, we got a treat for you. This post outlines the best human and werewolf romance novels. Stay tuned and let the love fest unfold.

Attractive Things About Werewolf and Human Romance

Why do readers like the werewolf and human romance books? Let us give you some insights.

For one, werewolves have the advantage of being an established concept. Everybody generally knows what werewolves are. Readers also know the rules about werewolves. For instance, people know that werewolves transform during the full moon or at will.

Werewolves also have clear symbolism, especially in relation to vampires, their common enemies. Plus, they represent the animalistic remnants of human nature (aka people’s ferocious id).

Interestingly, this serves as the source of horror, tragedy, and sexiness in human and werewolf romance books.

Lastly, the only difference between humans and werewolves is that the latter can transform. Whether it’s forced or controlled, this gives excitement and just enough conflict to make werewolf and human romance interesting.

List of 12 Werewolf Human Romance Books

Here are the best werewolf human mate romance books:

1. The Human in the Wolf Pack

human and werewolf romance the human in the wolf pack

This story is about a human, not a werewolf. Vera White was raised by werewolves but loathed them. She hated mates. Little did she know she’d get one.

On the other hand, Rider Blakely despised humans most. Vera was his biggest nightmare. Neither knows that Vera isn’t human.

The Human in the Wolf Pack is one of those werewolf and human mate romance books with a simple writing style. What the writing style lacks in extravagance, the writer compensates through a unique story.

Read The Human in the Wolf Pack Now


2. My Human and Abused Mate

human and werewolf romance my human and abused mate

Blake Parker is the soon-to-be Alpha of the Shadow’s pack but hasn’t found his mate. With his father urging him to take a random she-wolf as his luna, time is of the essence.

Maia Johnson doesn’t know werewolves exist. Maia’s parents abuse and torment her at home. How will fate bring them together?

My Human and Abused Mate is one of those werewolf human romance books featuring a classic writing style.

Read My Human and Abused Mate at Dreame

3. The Werewolf and the Human

human and werewolf romance the werewolf and the human

Lucy and her best pal just entered werewolf territory. Meanwhile, Alpha Xander recently replaced his father. He doesn’t require Luna or a human Luna.

But Xander must resist Lucy’s charms. Lucy, who never believed in magic and fate, must fight her feelings, too.

Just like the one before it, The Werewolf and the Human features a simple writing style that’s easy to understand.

The Werewolf and the Human is one of those werewolf human mate romance books with an elaborate writing style.

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4. Alpha Wolf, Human Mate

human and werewolf romance alpha wolf human mate

Aurora Garrett just wanted to blow off some steam after finals week with her closest friend Kat Stewart. But a great night at the club Lycan ended with Aurora being abducted by a domineering, aloof, but beautiful man named Adrian Holt.

Alpha Wolf, Human Mate features a creative, sometimes cryptic type of writing style.

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5. The Alpha’s Untamed Human

human and werewolf romance the alpha untamed human

Emma, the werewolf, and Taylor, the human, become friends in a world where the supernatural is hidden. They shared everything― the great and the terrible except for Emma’s true nature.

If you’re looking for a simple yet creative writing style, you must check out The Alpha’s Untamed Human.

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6. Her Forever

human and werewolf romance her forever

Nineteen-year-old Sadie has few friends. She wanted her own love and a new life outside her small community.

After her Aunt Maria dies, she moves to a cabin to start again. She finds herself in a new life, with a mate, and in a mystical realm. She becomes a kickass, strong heroine that can tame even the wildest werewolves like her mate, Alpha Seth.

Her Forever is one of those werewolf human mate romance books with a descriptive (but not too much) writing style.

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7. Spiral of Need

human and werewolf romance spiral of need

Ally doesn’t need particular powers to understand that Derren Hudson despises her entire kind.

Contempt seems to flow effortlessly from the Beta of the Mercury Pack. Despite the fact that she is attracted to the ruggedly attractive human, she is determined to ignore this particular call of the wild.

If you like human mate romance books with a descriptive and creative writing style.

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8. Stolen by the Alpha Wolf

human and werewolf romance stolen by alpha wolf

The pompous vampire rulers have always declared themselves the leaders of all non-human creatures. Shapeshifters must abduct the chosen human female to win.

The Alpha wolf capturing her for himself will weaken the bastard king’s standing. Ward didn’t consider the potential that the yellow-bellied elves would flee, forcing the wolves to flee or lose.

Stolen by the Alpha Wolf is one of those werewolf and human romance novels with a steamy and heartwarming writing style.

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9. Alpha’s Temptation

human and werewolf romance alpha temptation

Jackson prefers being alone. He never wanted a partner since being banished from my original pack.

Then, Kylie, a human, arrives. They’re locked in an elevator, and her panic nearly kills her. Jackson wants her, but her fragile flesh won’t withstand a wolf’s bite. Will he stay away?

If you like werewolf human romance novels with toe-curling steamy writing styles, this one is for you.

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10. Shiver

human and werewolf romance shiver

Grace is enthralled by the yellow-eyed wolf in her backyard. She watches him every winter, but he disappears every summer.

Sam lives two lives. In summer, he’s human till the cold turns him back. After meeting, Grace and Sam can’t remain apart. As winter approaches, Sam must struggle to stay human or lose Grace forever.

Shiver features a heartwarming, fun, and classic writing style.

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11. Dark Divine

human and werewolf-romance dark divine

Grace Divine, daughter of the local preacher, knew something dreadful happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared. It’s the night she saw her brother Jude prostrate and covered in blood.

But she has no idea what a truly monstrous secret that night held. Daniel returns three years later to Grace and Jude’s high school, resurfacing family memories.

Dark Divine is one of those werewolf human romance novels with a witty, fun, and creative writing style.

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12. Becoming Alpha

human and werewolf romance becoming alpha

Tessa has just moved to a new town in Texas. But she doesn’t realize that kissing the wrong person there could get her into a lot more trouble than she could have ever anticipated.

Eventually, a guy transformed her into a shapeshifter by accident. She then had to attend the most bizarre high school in the world.

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Werewolf and human romance novels are miracle workers. They can make your gloomy day exciting on a whim. Plus, don’t they make you believe that love conquers all?

Trust us, any of the werewolf and human romance novels above will make you believe in true love, if not more.

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