"Alpha’s Command"Book Series:

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    The Alpha's Abused

    Ember P. Wolfread4.1MParanormal

    Bane is a girl with much baggage. Some would say too much baggage. Not being able to shift and defend herself from her father she sees no light to this dark tunnel she is currently in. That is until she meets the Big Bad Alpha Damien. Alpha Damien is close to losing hope of finding his mate. So much so that when he does encounter his mate he does something unforgivable. Will she be able to forgive him? Or will he end up treating her just like the man in her nightmares?

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    Alpha's claim


    "You are my toy. MINE"; His voice was starting to get dark, but I was starting to get mad. I" am not yours, will never be." That moment he seemed to snap. He hovered over me. His face was inches away from mine. It seemed like he was going to kiss me. "You are mine. Mine to hold. MINE!. Mine to kill." He was so close. He was breathing fast against my cheek. He was angry. " Then kill me already."

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    Two Alphas

    L. M.read734.2KParanormal

    Maeve came from a peaceful pack and always secretly longed for a mate. When the neighboring packs visit, will she find the man of her dreams or the man of her nightmares? *** Her senses were quickly overpowered due to the proximity of her mate. As they pulled away, she stared at her mate and quickly said while inching closer to him “I am so happy you want me to go back with you. I know it sounds silly but when you walked away from me, I thought you didn’t want me and-” SMACK. Her words were cut off by the back of Ashton’s hand making contact with her cheek. She fell back smacking her head on the glass. “let me be very clear…” he said coldly, staring at her with contempt “I do not now, or ever will, want you. You are only coming with me because now that I have found you my wolf will be weaker if we are separated and I can’t let that happen” -Completed-

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    Raised By An Alpha

    Madness Reverieread675.9KParanormal

    It's been eleven years since Avery met Colton. Eleven years of normal, everyday life. Well, as normal life can be when you're a human living among werewolves. Life was good..... But how long can good actually last? What happens when the picture perfect life she thought she has, shatters?

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    Resisting The Alpha

    Sabrina Kaderread385.9KFantasy

    Hazel, a young girl who wants nothing but to live her life happily. Having a drunkard for a father, she had to drop out of school and start working at a restaurant even though she wanted to pursue her education. Things started to go downhill in her life and she decided to leave her abusive father to another city, to pursue her studies where she enters a whole new world. The world that she never even imagined to exist in real life. Lucas, the Alpha of the Bloodmoon pack, which happens to be the largest pack in Canada, believes that humans are merely fragile little creatures that don't deserve his time. For him, the pack comes first before anything. Until Lucas cross paths with Hazel. He would do anything to keep her by his side. But will she allow him? Would her previous heartbreak will allow Lucas to fill in the vacant spot in her heart now? Would Lucas be able to crack those bricks that Hazel had built around herself? "Let me in, please" Lucas begged as he watched me with those beautiful eyes that had been haunting me from day one. " I can't" I smiled sadly at him as I watched the pain in his eyes intensified. "Why?" He asked closing the distance between the two of us. "Because I don't deserve you" With that, I started to run away from him, hoping he would never follow me.

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    The Alphas Choice


    Alexis is a human with a bit of a messed up past. Her father left her and her mother with nothing. They move from the city to a small town, away from alexiss abusive ex boyfriend. That is where she meets Lucas. Future Alpha of the blue moon pack. He knows she is his fated mate but is not too keen on the idea of having a human as a mate. He starts to fall for her and that is when he meets Mia, A beautiful she wolf, an alphas daughter from another pack, he feels the fated mate connection with Mia as well. The moon goddess gives him a choice between the 2. Who will he choose?

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    The Unknown Alpha

    P.K. Woodsread208.8KFantasy

    “Don’t stop… please… ugh…” I gasp out as Maddox slams into me as he holds me up against a tree. “I’m gonna… don’t stop… OH MY GOD!” I s****m in ecstasy. A few more thrust and he pulls out and cums under me onto the tree bark. “I will never get enough of you Kaly.” Maddox breathes heavily against my neck. “Kalysta” I hear my mother yell. “Oh shit.” I whisper. Maddox lets me down and I pull my underwear and pants back on. “She will kill us if she finds us.” I whisper to him as he pulls up his pants. “Kalysta Tru Flores! Where are you?” My mother shouts in her Luna tone. I smile at Maddox and kiss his cheek. “I have to go.” I run toward the pack house. I knew Maddox would circle the other way and come in the front door. I ran toward my mother. I stopped at the tree line and put my hands on my knees panting. “W-what is it? Is s-something wrong?” I say trying to catch my breath. “Where have you been? You know your father told you not to go out alone.” She glares at me with her hands on her hips. “Mom I have told you I don’t need a babysitter. I went for a run.” I say looking at her with a smirk. She rolls her eyes and walks inside. ‘whoo that was close.’ I really shouldn’t be sneaking off with Maddox, but I just can’t help it. He is so damn fine. I walk into the pack house run up the stairs to my room and quickly jump in the shower. Most of the time we meet by the lake so we can wash off each other’s scent, but mom kind of put a damper on that today. Now I have to hide my clothes in the bottom of my dirty basket and wash my own clothes later. As I wash him off of me all I can think about is how I want him more. He may be an omega, but he is a really hot one. He is 6’6” with dirty blonde hair. He keeps it nice and shaved on the bottom and shaggy curly on top. His hazel eyes are enough to make any girl swoon and his full lips are kissably soft. Match that with his tan skin and not overly built, but muscular body, and I can’t keep my hands to myself.

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    The Wanted Alpha

    Unwise Owlread360.9KParanormal

    ~ Complete ~ Book 2 of The Rogue Beginnings Series, can be read as a stand alone, but is designed to interconnect with others in the series. ~~~~~ April is wanted. A first born Alpha she-wolf on the run and existing as a rogue in order to hide from her pursuers, ever since her family and pack were slaughtered for greed...for her. The pack that hunts her will stop at nothing to obtain April once again after her escape and she, herself, will stop at nothing to remain free. Only now she faces a problem…a very handsome but angry problem. An Alpha has caught her when she trespasses on his territory…and this Alpha is her fated mate. April's mate has little trust in rogues and when he comes face to face with the fact that fate would pair him with a rogue mate…his guilt-ridden past gets the better of him for a split second…and in that split second he may have lost any chance he had of a future with her. Will her mate be able to let go of his past fears and guilt? Will April find her peace, and justice for her fallen pack? ~~~~~ Those beautiful eyes of his were fixated on me, but his expression made his feelings quite clear...I repulsed him. His eyebrows scrunched together and a deep frown formed on his lips, August howled in pain at the silent rejection she could feel from his wolf. He hadn't said anything when he turned to leave and I stupidly leapt forward to take his arm, to beg him to wait, to let me explain everything. I hadn't even registered I'd moved, I had never felt this overwhelming desperation for someone in my life. The mate bond made us act in ways we never thought possible. At my hand landing on his arm, his entire body halted and tensed. He ripped free of my grasp and stepped menacingly forward, causing me to back up in fear. His size seemed to dwarf me in this small cell. "Don't ever f*****g touch me" he bit out through clenched teeth, his eyes pitch black.

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    Secrets of an Alpha

    Molly Cambriaread192.8KRomance

    For Natalia Fox, the eldest daughter of the Alpha of Silver Moon, finding a mate has never been high on her list of priorities. However when an unexpected, yet necessary, proposal presents itself she finds herself inclined to accept. Besides, with the large number of wolves now choosing their own mates, what’s the point in looking any further. Right? Why not move with the times? or better yet, move into the arms of a ready-made, strong and handsome Alpha male. There’s only one problem with that… and his name is Aiden Pierce. **Mature scenes will feature throughout. SPICY EXTRACT BELOW (CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR) “What are you doing here!?” “I couldn’t leave yet… earlier… it just wasn’t enough.” I whisper in reply. “This is risky...” she murmurs softly. “I’ll leave then… if you want me to.” I say sincerely. “Come on.” she answers, pulling me towards the bathroom. I follow her eagerly, we step inside and she closes the door behind us. She leans her back against the door and runs her eyes over me. “Take it all off...” she orders. “Excuse me?” “Take. It. All. Off.” she repeats again slowly. I’m taken aback by her boldness but I’m ready to do as I’m f**king told, no questions asked. I pull my T-shirt over my head, my eyes still locked with hers as she watches me. I reach for my belt and undo it. Pushing my jeans down and stepping out of them. I pause for a moment and she raises her eyebrows. “I said all of it.” she murmurs seductively, her eyes full of desire and lust as they run over my torso. I tug my boxers off and toss them to the side as she examines my naked body intently. I’ve never felt so exposed by a woman before. So challenged and so turned on. I can feel myself grow h*rder the longer she looks at me and my heart begins to beat faster as she moves closer. When she reaches my body, she lifts her eyes to mine and puts out her hand to stroke her fingertips across my chest. Her delicate touch sets every nerve in my body alight and I feel adrenaline begin to pump through my veins as my excitement climbs. She begins to walk around my body slowly, all the while taking in my form carefully. I’m completely at her mercy, as she toys with me, tormenting me expertly with her teasing touch. “Natalia…” “Shhhh…” she whispers slowly as her fingertips graze over my back gently. “My, my, … how the tables have turned.” she murmurs seductively as I feel my heart begin to race. “Are you enjoying the view?” “Oh… most definitely. I am.” she answers before I feel her lips press gently against my shoulder blade. “I quite like this… my soldier… standing to attention just for me.” she says softly, her voice sexy and alluring. “There’s only so long… that I’ll hold back.” I reply calmly as I hear her shuffle out of her little silk pyjamas. Just then, the sound of the shower fills the room, the water bouncing off of the porcelain loudly. Suddenly, her fingertips begin to retrace their steps as she makes her way back around the front of my body. My eyes scan her f**king incredible body greedily, eager to take in every inch. “Eyes up here.” she scolds me. I follow her command and my eyes meet hers once again. “You know I’m not used to taking orders… I’m usually the one giving them.” I breath out. “There’s a first time for everything.” she smirks as my eyes take in the show in front of me. She strides past me confidently, her arm grazing mine purposely on the way by. She enters the steamy glass shower cubicle, looks over her shoulder and smiles. “What are you waiting for?” At that moment. I snap. I follow her inside, pushing her up against the cool tiles quickly before she hops onto my body, wrapping her silky legs around me tightly. My desperation for her is reaching new and f**king terrifying levels. I feel like I’m losing control for the first time in my life. She’s stripped me of my armour and I’m bare. My emotions are clear for her to see. My pain, my desire, my love. Everything is on full display but I couldn’t care less anymore. “You think you can order me around Natalia…? That I’m your little play thing?” I grit out as I tug her head to the side. "Don't forget who you belong to… you're mine… you hear me?" I continue, my words driving her crazy. "If I'm yours then take me. Take me right now." she demands in return. I don't have to think twice...

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    What's An Alpha?


    Olivia Carter, a normal teen who moves into Northside High and on her first day things start going wrong. A handsome guy seems to catch her eye and instantly she feels more attracted towards him. He seems to be around her always and tempted to be with him. Little does she know that he is a werewolf and they are mates. Will she be able to believe the supernatural world or will this remain apart of her imagination with a stunning guy forever?