Lesbian Slave Book Series

If you're looking for a spicy sexy LGBT novel, books on this page won't let you down. The hot story contains lots of exciting and steamy plots.

He is the King of an LGBT Society, and also a charismatic manipulator. 'Be my slave.' That is her most famous quote.

Her most well-known quote is 'Be my slave. Every Lesbian in her Society aspires to be her slave...

Welcome to the LGBT world, here are Lesbian Slave book series for you.


"lesbian slavery"Book Series:

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    The Rejected Slave


    Suriel Matthews has been living in the Silent Pack all her life. Her mother died in a vampire attack along with the Luna. Her father died before she was born, killed by rogues. Suriel has been treated worse than an Omega. she has been the pack slave. She is bullied by most of her pack members including the Alpha. What keeps her there? The dream of finally finding her mate. What will happen when Suriel finds out that half of her life had been nothing but a lie? What will she do when she finds the sole reason behind her mother's death? ****** Damien White is the future Alpha of the Silent Pack. His mother, Luna Sara died twelve years ago in a vampire attack while out on a picnic with some of her friends. Damien left the pack five years ago to go to Alpha School. Now twenty years old he is ready to take over the pack along with his fiancé Daisy. Daisy is the only child of Alpha Myles of the Blue Moon Pack. What would happen when Damien gets back to his pack with his fiancé? What would Damien do when he finds the truth behind his mother's death?

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    Hybrid [Lesbian Story]


    My name is Taylor Lawrence. My mom is a vampire and my dad, well, was a human. Well, was. I transferred to a human school. Because I'm different. The freak of our kind. I'm a hybrid. And this is my story.

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    Her Slave Contract


    "I'll own you," Axel Ledger said with his blue piercing eyes concentrated on her. "You'll sign this contract and be my slave. There'll be no end to this until I'm tired of it." "I accept it," Ezra Houston said with a bold look on her face. She had no other choice. "The closer I'll be to you, the easier my revenge will be." ~ After being betrayed by everyone she knew and thrown out to the streets, broke and helpless, Ezra Houston runs into the man she had never expected to see again. Axel Ledger wanted to help her by giving her everything she had lost. But behind his words lied a deep motive and a buried grudge. He offers her a deal in return for his help that is meant to change their lives forever.

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    Robin Cread31.9KSteamy Stories

    A sequel to Master, in which Olivia and Matthew start a new life together, but not everything can stay perfect for long.

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    Behind The Name [Lesbian Story]

    Czymishe Feinhollowread23.2KLGBT+

    Jun Crawford is an average teenage girl, who loves playing basketball as much as she loves playing computer games. Jun had her fate intertwined with the smart and beautiful, Sheila Eclaire. Both of them were completely opposites, yet that was what brought them together. Growing up together, they became best friends. But little did they know that their friendship didn't stay that way. Pulling on strings once again, fate had attached them both to an online game, where users aren't allowed to reveal their real names. Unexpectedly, they have met each other virtually, believing it was a totally random stranger. Time flew and they grew attached to each other, though one does not feel the way the other does. But will Time tell what they feel for each other? Fate has pulled its string, but will the strength of Love be strong enough for them to unveil the truth behind the name?

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    Unexpected: A Lesbian Love Story

    Gabrielle Foxread14.5KRomance

    I never saw it coming. It was totally unexpected. I was married with kids. She was eighteen and adventurous. It was never supposed to happen. This is not how I pictured my life. I thought I’d live a… conventional life. I never thought a young and beautiful woman would steal my heart away. I never thought I’d become addicted to a sexy, passionate girl who knew how to pleasure me in ways I’d never experienced. I never thought I’d yearn to start over… to start again. That I’d fall in love with her. That I’d leave my husband for her. That I’d find… myself. That I’d find happiness. * Unexpected: A Lesbian Love Story is sexy and sensual lesbian love story following Liza as she discovers the life she’s been living is a lie, and in turn manages to find her true self with the beautiful and amazing Karla.

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    Sisters In Slavery

    Charles Grahamread17.9KSteamy Stories

    Maxine Osborne discovers a massive fraud being perpetrated in her company and takes her findings to CEO, Andrew Morrison. She’s unaware that Morrison and his fellow Directors, Carlo Crespi and Dawnelle O’Keefe, are the authors of the fraud, and that they’re in league with the Japanese owner of the company, Ozeki Shimatsu. It’s clear to the directors that Maxine cannot be allowed to reveal what she knows, and desperate action must be taken. In a meeting to discuss her findings, she’s seized, handcuffed, gagged and stripped of her clothes. Her only chance for escape is her twin sister, Melissa, waiting in the car outside. But when Melissa is tricked into entering the building, she’s captured, bound, gagged and pillaged by two Security Guards. All hope is gone, as the pair are transported to the far side of the world, where they will become sexslaves on Shimatsu’s private island. Angered that Maxine was able to breach her fraud security, Dawnelle takes charge of the captives in transit and spends the journey tormenting, whipping and demanding their s****l submission. When they reach their destination, they are met by Shimatsu and his trusted advisor Ito Siteki, who take all three women to the island, where their training begins. The two sisters are fitted with steel cuffs and the chains of their slavery. Their horrified attempts to protest are cruelly punished and both are forced to offer their submission as full and permanent slaves. Their circumstances are made far worse when they find that their orgasms are so frighteningly pleasurable that it becomes almost impossible resist their downward spiral into slavery. Under the strict and pitiless training from Dawnelle and Stieki, they learn to sexually pleasure their trainers in preparation for their lives as Shimatsu’s slaves. However, they aren’t the only females to suffer this shocking fate. While Dawnelle has been busy training the two sisters, her failure in the ‘security breach’ has been noted by her associates, and it will not be ignored! Nonconsensual bondage erotica from the author of Olivia Enslaved and Slaves of the Circle T.

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    Slave Wife

    Francis Bennettread7.3KSteamy Stories

    The strikingly handsome Michael is just thirty years old, insanely wealthy, and the new owner of a robotics company. Karen is a freshfaced young cheerleader who catches his eye. Although he's struck by her beauty, the obsessed perfectionist in him sees much room for improvement. When he learns that Karen's father has stolen money from his company, he presents the man with a choice. Give up his daughter or go to jail. Karen is so smitten by the suave charmer that she jumps at the chance to have him. Once the two are married, Michael focuses on his wife's shortcomings. With Karen too plump and too tall to conform to his idea of perfection, he becomes obsessed with transforming her into the perfect female. He replaces Karen's clothes with ones that are always a size too tight. She care barely breathe, let alone eat! The naiveKaren does everything to please her husband: she sees no one; eats tiny meals; wears the clothes he provides; and exercises with a personal trainer. But Michael is never quite satisfied. When he takes her to his house in San Francisco, he installs her in a specially built room, then hands her over to the brutish trainer, Steve, who follows his explicit instructions for Karen's further training. When her weight loss slows, she submits to humiliating enemas. Later, she's fitted with a head cage, an apparatus designed to run electrical currents through her brain as a way to further control her. Until she's finally transformed into his picture of perfection, he will withhold s*x. The manipulative Michael repeatedly proves that he has the means and power to have whatever he desires. Although he can be a captivating charmer, the depth of his cruelty is revealed in brutal scenes where his alter ego The Beast emerges as an overpowering sadist who ruthlessly dominates any situation. His cunning manipulation of Karen gradually eats away at her resistance. Her confidence is soon shattered. And she's no longer the vivacious young cheerleader, but the epitome of Michael's obsession.

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    Bound To Her(Girl × Girl) (lesbian Story)


    LGBT - After Breaking Up With Ex (Stary Writing III) Young . Ambitious and Determined ........Sky Walker ,Sets out on a Mission regretting everything at the end. Sweet , forgiving and naïve.....Celena Smith had a very simple life , revolving around her mother , friends and work. It all changed when she stepped in and her heavens turned upside down. Years later Two Rich heiress, unknown to each other, bond together by an arrange marriage that they both can't back from. Imagine one's surprise to find her ex in front of eyes while latter doesn't remember her at all. There's more at stake then just love/ hate/revenge you see in outer shell. Join the journey of Celena and Sky to uncover their love hate relationship along with family, friends and secret behind those walls that has ears.

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    Lesbian Slave(GL)(l***q+)


    A Lesbian who creates her own empire called Black Angel Society, a society full of l***q+ elites and common members. Shun loves to collect slaves and create her own harem, if you enter her world you're always welcome to play with fire.