Virgin River Books Series

Whether you've seen its fourth season released on Netflix or read the entire series, Virgin River books is one of the great series out there!

A quick note to let you know that I've been reading the Virgin River series books by Robyn Carr. It's an older book (published in 2007), but it's a fun little read.

The story follows the adventures of a woman who moves to a small town outside LA. She becomes friendly with the locals, including the town sheriff and his family. To enjoy getting to know them, make sure to read or binge-watch Virgin River books in order and not miss a single detail.


"virgin river books"Book Series:

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    Billionaire's Virgin

    Faith Odulesiread2.0MRomance

    ***completed*** (Daily updates) Carrying his child would get her one billion dollars. What? How could anyone think twice to that? A billionaire offering her one billion dollars to birth his heir. She a virgin? He had everything a woman needed in a man but she was only a high school student. She had no one but her grandmother. Having a billion dollars at eighteen would make her one of the youngest billionaires in the world and so she was ready to take the chance. "What are you doing Sebastian? There is no s*x in the contract..." I stuttered, stepping away from him for a second. "Well," he leaned to gently kiss my neck, his voice was flirty and I could feel his hard against my stomach. "You are my virgin..." Warning: Book contains detailed s*x scenes and use of mature words. 1*+ only. Would only recommend if you are into that.

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    The Virgin Alpha


    Reverse Harem Alpha Michael Car is everything an Alpha should be, powerful, handsome, strong, dangerous, and rich. The only thing is he is still a virgin. Groomed by his father to be the Alpha he is today but cared for by his mother, she taught him good morals. Alpha should be all things that his father told him they should be but never do any action that would jeopardize his Luna position. His mother taught him the importance of a Luna stressing they are not just pup carriers but their equals. He promised his mother he will never have a girlfriend, mistress, or lover. That he will save himself for his true mate. Rati Nymph daughter of a fallen Beta, becomes the mistress of their current pack at the age of 18. She never cared if she found her mate she was sure she never will as long as she is Mistress to the Alpha. As fate would have it her mate will make an appearance at a bad time. But fate doesn’t stop there she is stuck between her first or second chance.

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    The Virgin Mafia

    Michelle Dollenteread12.0KLGBT+

    ?️‍?BxB?️‍? Warning:‼️Detailed Bed Scene‼️ An oblivious and dense Gianni Russo only hopes to find a job and earn money for daily survival after he graduated from college. His life changed when he met a guy named Francois Ducati who had a fear of being touched or haphephobia. The man gave him a job with a satisfying salary. What if he found the true identity of his boss? Will he resign and forget about the big salary or will he stay and help to cure the man's fear? Book 1-3(Generation) Date Published: September 3, 2021

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    Virgin Billionaire


    #Stary writing academy III. Fall for a billionaire - Billionaire Romantic suspense writing contest. Yang Jiao is the only child of her parents. Her parents divorced, so she had to start staying with her Dad who's an alcoholic. Yang Jiao already graduated from college with good grades and applied for a job at the 'X player' game production company. In her interview........ The manager in charge gave her overwhelming news that she can resume work the next day...... but neither did she know that her life would change. Immediately she was coming down from the up floor. She rushed inside the elevator that was crowded with a lot of people and then she bumped into someone. The guy looks like a God due to the tattoo on his body, and the different piercings. I was still staring at the beautiful God's front of me.......... then the man opened his lip and uttered a word that completely changed my life. "What are you staring at, wifey!"The man said with a low-pitched voice, which is very hypnotizing. **** From being an intern I suddenly turn into the wife of Haneul Choa the CEO of 'X Player'. He's like a God, and I'm like an angel. Haneul Choa offered me a deal....... in exchange for being his wife. I signed the contract only to find out that I have signed a contract to hell....... and since the contract is already signed! All I have to do is try my best to survive in hell. 'Will Yang Jiao be able to get free from Haneul Choa, after finding out that he's an immortal cast down from hell itself to capture a virgin?'. Find out in this amazing novel......

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    Water of Hell

    Elon Desaread2.2KYA&Teenfiction

    Naida Saylor is a dedicated captain of the swim team and believes that water is her safe haven. When things start to change and the once calming water starts causing havoc of terrifying disaster, Naida enters a world she never thought possible. Will she accept the changes in her life and stay afloat, or will she end up drowning? Triton Gale, the cutest guy in the city, is not only her high school crush but the only one who can help her get through it all. The question is, will she let him?

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    River’s Run

    S. E. Smithread3.5KRomance

    River Knight was looking forward to a peaceful vacation in the mountains with her two best friends, Jo and Star, her fellow circus performers and sisters of the heart, but when she travels up into the mountains of North Carolina to the cabin Star has rented for them, she is shocked to see them being abducted! She follows them… and discovers their abductors are anything but human…After sneaking aboard the shuttle to rescue Jo and Star, River finds herself on an unplanned vacation to the stars.Internationally acclaimed S.E. Smith presents a new action-packed story full of romance and adventure. Brimming with her signature humor, vivid scenes, and beloved characters, this book is sure to be another fan favorite!Main Content: 200 (6x9) pages, 70,433 words

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    Vanishing Virgins

    Roger Hastingsread2.6KSteamy Stories

    Moments before her wedding, the young bride, Edith Odette, is swept from the chapel by unknown assailants and held at a mansion in a remote corner of Scotland. While Edith prays for rescue, Victorian London’s most famous detective, Edward Rand, is contacted by the Queen to investigate the disappearance of several daughters from London’s most aristocratic families. With no ransom demands, Rand suspects that the girls have been taken by Dr. Valentine. Edward is soon hot on their trail.

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    DW Johnsonread1.4KFantasy

    Lacey Darkwater, a fisherman’s daughter, her world is nothing but questions. Alone and on her way home, she makes one small decision that changes her life forever.

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    Riverboat Named Desire

    Jovanaread1.2KSteamy Stories

    "The riverboat Desire was once a floating bordello with a scandalous reputation, known all over New Orleans. It's a ship that caters to hot, passionate ménage relationships as it follows the path of the moon along the romantic waters of the Delta. The Desire is a rich ship, and La Flame, a notorious jewel thief, is aboard to make the biggest heist of her life until her plans are interrupted by two of the sexiest cowboys she's ever seen. When she stands before them in quickly dissolving soap bubbles, she thinks they seem like nothing more than two drunken riverboat gamblers who want to make hot, passionate love to her. She doesn't realize that, beneath their lace-edged shirts and diamond stick pins, breathe two rough-talking, rough-riding lawmen. And she is their prey."

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    River of Love

    Ally Adairread1.9KRomance

    When bartender Avery Johnson is asked by her boyfriend Mark if she wants to go on a riverboat cruise, she’s skeptical. Mark only barely qualifies as a boyfriend, and she knows he’s got an ulterior motive. But against her best judgment, she agrees to go with him, thinking this will be an opportunity for them to rekindle their relationship. She never expects him to abandon her once they board the cruise ship so he can go gambling. Frustrated, Avery heads for the bar, behind which is Dakoda, a gorgeous woman that Avery can’t take her eyes off. She’s tall, sexy as sin, and for some reason, is pushing all of the right buttons. Avery doesn’t understand why she’s feeling the way she does. She’s never thought she was a lesbian before, and yet, the sight of this woman makes her feel fuzzy inside… and hot in her center. She has no idea that, in a moment of impulsiveness, she’s going to let this woman make her feel pleasure like she’s never felt before. She has no idea that her life is going to change after one night with this woman. And she certainly has no idea that she’s going to fall for this woman… and fall hard. All her life, Avery had been looking for something, something she didn’t know. And now she’s in love with a woman… Only, she doesn’t know if this was just one night of passion for the stunning Dakoda… or the beginning of something more. * River of Love is a novel-length steamy lesbian romance-with-a-happy-ending that tells the story of two women finding unexpected love after a chance encounter on a river boat.